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The Global Evolution

Look to the Future, and what do you see? New life, new technology.

This is our vision of the future: inventing a better world in which you grow up.

Our Mission : Building Global Communication Networks.

The World is our Workplace. Let's work togheter.

International Communications, (Cooperation)....

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Global Business Development

To preserve our knowledge base and cultures, we must find a way to save digital content for future generation.

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Power by Linear™ high performance ICs and design tools enable efficient, high performance power solutions in automotive, telecommunications, industrial, healthcare, computing, military, and high end consumer markets. Our wide selection of power ICs feature unmatched power densities, efficiencies, low EMI, and ease of use—helping you quickly bring your products to market. This newsletter highlights a few of the latest power management releases and resources.
New Products
2 A Dual and 6 A Single Monolithic Synchronous Step-Down DC-to-DC Converters in 2 mm × 2 mm × 0.74 mm LQFN Packages
High efficiency internal NMOS and PMOS switches
The LTC3309A features Silent Switcher® architecture for low EMI
Switching frequency synchronizable up to 3 MHz
VIN: 2.25 V to 5.5 V, VOUT: 0.5 V to VIN
Internal soft-start and compensation with wide bandwidth, fast transient response
LTC3315A Data Sheet Buy Now
LTC3309A Data Sheet Buy Now
Dual Output, 6-Phase Controller with Current Monitoring; Works with DrMOS and Power Blocks
High efficiency using sub-milliohm DCR sensing or DrMOS with current sense
Operates with power blocks, DrMOS, or external gate drivers and MOSFETs
±0.5% total output voltage accuracy
One to six phases with one IC; up to 12 phases with two ICs in parallel for up to 400 A
40 ns minimum on-time, enables very low duty cycles at high frequency
LTC7852 Data Sheet Buy Now
Negative Voltage Hot Swap Controller with Energy Monitor
Optimized to ensure safe operating area (SOA) of MOSFETs
Programmable 15 mV to 30 mV current limit sense voltage with 2% accuracy and adjustable foldback
8-bit to 16-bit gear-shift ADC with 0.5% accuracy
Monitors voltages, currents, power, and energy
Floating topology for rugged high voltage operation
LTC4283 Data Sheet Buy Now

Brochure: Full line up of dc-to-dc controllers

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Technical Article: Triple Bucks Plus a Boost Controller to Meet Tough Requirements of Wide Range VIN Automotive Applications

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Circuit Note: LTM8045 µModule® regulator powers a USB powered, 2.4 GHz RF power amplifier

Learn More
Learn more about Power by Linear at analog.com/power.
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