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Celine Dion Will Return to Las Vegas Stage

Celine Dion Returns to Las Vegas Residency
Céline Dion

03/20/2015 AT 04:00 PM EDT

Céline Dion is headed back to the stage! 

After taking an indefinite breakfrom her Las Vegas show last summer to care for her husbandRené Angelil, who has beenbattling cancer, the singer's rep confirms to PEOPLE that Dion will resume her residency at Caesars Palace's Colosseum in late August with a revamped show. 
Dion, 46, recently sat down with PEOPLE and Good Morning America to speak candidly for the first time about her return, the severity of her husband's condition and his treatment following the cancer's return, as well as life with her family of five. 
"It is very emotional for me and I'm anticipating the emotions to grow even more as the date gets closer," Dion tells PEOPLE. 
One big comfort for her during this difficult time? Her fans. 
"It's very touching," she adds. "Every night is a new show … I promise there will be high, happy notes."
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