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Internet researcher,Dipl.Ing.StefanV.Raducanu,L'Humain demain,Internet, médiateur social et économique.Marketing, consumer behavior, Workforce.Web browsing histories

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In computing, the web browsing history is the list of web pages a user has visited recently—and associated data such as page title and time of visit—which is recorded by web browser software as standard for a certain period of time. Web browser software does this in order to provide the user with a back button and a history list to go back to pages they have visited previously as well as displaying visited links (typically by coloring them purple) rather than relying on the user to remember where they have been on the web.

In addition to the web browser software itself, third-party services can also record a user's web browsing history (completely or partially). For example, in Google Web History, the clicks of registered users are recorded and stored in individual user histories, each of which are browsable and searchable by that user (this is in addition to the click-tracking Google records for its own internal purposes, such as advertising click tracking). If the user installs the Google Toolbar, all pages that the user visits while logged into Google on that computer may be recorded as well. A potential benefit to the user is that they can review—and search through—all of their web browsing history on any computer, but this can have privacy implications.

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Amir M. Zaidan

Tutor/Program Manager Flexible Delivery

Amir Zaidan is a tertiary education business tutor specializing in problem-based learning techniques and industry-based courses as well as supervising industry graduation projects with the core aim of graduating work-ready world class business professionals. A professional tenured tutor and instructor known for dedication to problem-based learning and advocating entrepreneurship in various tertiary education institutions, Amir Zaidan secured himself a place on the Bahrain Polytechnic “Student Council Election Committee-Academic”, “Enterprise Development Centre Advisory Committee” and has been appointed for the role of “Programme Manager Flexible Delivery”.

Amir designs, builds and delivers his courses as well as core activities focused on championing creativity, innovation, life-long self learning and problem solving. With a reputation of adopting innovation, creativity, life-long self learning and problem solving Amir’s commitment manifests in his continuous involvement in student developmental activities which have recently effectively resulted in graduating business friendly enterprising professionals, securing their career paths from job seekers to job choosers. Amir’s innovation and enterprising support efforts have successfully resulted in delivering Bahrain Polytechnic’s core expected results of producing work-ready world class employees.

Amir’s career includes branding and promoting a start-up tertiary education Institution (Bahrain Polytechnic Founding member), marketing an MBA programme at a tertiary education institution, designing industry-based business courses and delivering business courses to BSc students. His education career includes instructing tertiary level students on business trends and modern arts of Management, Marketing, Creating and Marketing start-ups, Human Behavior and Managing People. The courses include solving real-life Industry problems for in-context businesses, using Moodle, power point slides, the Polytechnic website, e-learning tools and e-resources. Part of his job is also developing and updating Marketing and Management subjects content to be delivered in problem- based real-life learning delivery methods.

Amir holds a track record of various publications including professional publications and international academic conference proceedings in the fields of marketing.

Amir has completed his doctoral seminar and is currently working on his PhD, holds a double major Masters in Business Administration from AOU Bahrain, holds a BA in English Arts and Literature from Ainshams University, is a professional certified trainer, holds a certification of adult education from CPIT-New Zealand and a NLP certificate from Bahrain. He has over 13 years of experience in tertiary education around the GCC countries and MENA region.

2006 Masters Of Business Administration, AOU, Bahrain 
2000 BA Arts and Literature, AS University, Egypt
1996 GCSE, BC, Bahrain 

GSC, Bahrain

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