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Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence Five Best Practices for Diving in

Getting Smart About Artificial Intelligence

Five Best Practices for Diving in

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Objet: eMarketer Daily, Issue 5, 2005 - Consumers Want Online Banking

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January 10, 2005

Consumers Want E-Service From Banks

Customers in the market for a new bank want online features. Keynote finds 56% of survey respondents say online banking functionality is very important when considering a new bank. Read More

Top Findings About the Leading Online Retailers Download the latest research abstract from Keynote (formerly Vividence) and learn how you can apply the best practices gleaned from 20 of the top online retailers to your business today. Keynote: Improving the performance of e-business worldwide.

Continued Strength for Consumer Electronics
The consumer electronics market will rise by 11% this year, reports the CEA, spurred by continued strength in PC sales.
Read More

Pharmaceutical Marketing & Sales Global Summit, Feb. 13-16, 2005, Lake Buena Vista, FL. Examine the changing marketing and sales models, explore strategic solutions for finding new opportunities in a fragmented market, learn how to implement new legislation, and find out what you can do to thrive in the new environment. Mention code eMarketer and save $200!


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> Consumers Want E-Service From Banks
> Continued Strength for Consumer Electronics


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