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"An impressive research portal that also provides an interactive component that draws from both social media and knowledge management processes."

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SRU-Electronics is the legitimate strategic and tactical research and analysis designed to identify threats and opportunities.

Gravitation Towards Online, Searchable Information

Competitor Intelligence

 Interactive Business Communities

Despite this trend, it is often the most valuable information which cannot be found online.  An example of this is competitor intelligence, regarded by most information users as the most difficult type of information to acquire. Collecting such information often requires access to an expert market intelligence consultant, who will glean information from the competitor or another source.  Similarly technical information, particularly in rapidly evolving (and therefore confidential) areas such as product development, is often poorly documented and therefore requires one-on-one discussion with a technologist.

In other words, whilst general information is often available freely in every sense of the word, information that is sufficiently specific, validated and well presented to be of real use to decision-makers often requires a specialist market intelligence provider.

Competitive Intelligence

Today, competitive information is more readily available than ever before. You can find endless information online in an instant. Yet the information that is most valuable to you and your business cannot be found on a Google search. Acquiring this information requires a lot more intelligence.

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For Competitive Intelligence Solutions that give your business the competitive edge

Information is everywhere. Intelligence is harder to come by

From strategic overviews of your business’s competitive environment through to specific competitor profiles, B2B International’s tailored Competitive Intelligence Research is designed to meet your unique needs and include:

The Changing Relationship Between CIO & CEO: From Technology Strategy to Business Strategy; February 18, 2016. Click to register!

Most CIOs are aware of the massive shift towards digitization and the need to accelerate the move to mobile and transition from legacy to cloud. Now CEOs increasingly want CIOs to lead transformation beyond IT and across the entire organization. Yet just 40% of CIOs are the leaders of digital transformation in their enterprise, and 34% of the innovation leaders.

Join this high impact executive conversation to learn more about:

The rising importance of customer-focused, digitally savvy CIOs

The CEO, CIO and CDO dynamics — what works and what doesn't

Moving from technology strategy to business strategy

Bimodal IT leadership and balancing stability, urgency and agility

Dr. Stuart Evans is author of Super Flexibility for Knowledge Enterprises and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon's Silicon Valley campus; he frequently engages with CIOs seeking greater agility and innovation capacity.

Dr. Stuart Evans

Dr. Stuart Evans

Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley

February 18th
10:00am PST

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