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Digital Edition
July 2019
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Plant of the Year
Egypt Megaproject: An Expedited Power Transformation
Egypt needed more power generation and grid stability in a country plagued by sporadic power outages, which created challenges in an area looking to grow its economy. The Egypt Megaproject, a venture led by Siemens, resulted in three combined cycle gas-fired plants adding 14.4 GW of capacity. The project’s completion in slightly more than 27 months from financial closure is just one reason the Megaproject has been awarded POWER’s highest honor.

Reinvention Award
Dogged Determination Brings Innovation to Renovation
Innovative construction and design from engineers and the project managers helped Xcel Energy complete a fuel-switching project at an iconic Minnesota power plant, where a new gas-fired turbine has replaced two coal-fired units and reutilized much of the existing equipment.

Water Award
A Clean Sweep for Invasive Mussel Biofouling
The quagga mussel multiplies quickly and can cause major problems for power plants, particularly hydropower facilities as the mussels clog pipes and other equipment. Stopping its spread is critical to ensure power plants can continue to operate economically and efficiently. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation installed a groundbreaking solution at Parker Dam in Arizona, using a Hydro-Optic ultraviolet system to virtually eliminate the invasive species.

Smart Grid Award
FPL Uses Smart Technology to Build a Stronger Grid
Florida Power & Light (FPL) continually faces the challenge of severe weather that is no stranger to the Sunshine State. The utility has made a conscious effort to improve the reliability and resilience of its power grid, while recognizing the need to restore power quickly after major storms. Its use of smart technologies is an award-winning model for other power generators.

Commercial & Industrial Generation Award
Port’s Microgrid Could Be Sea Change for Industry
The new microgrid at the Port of Long Beach, one of the busiest seaports in the U.S., is designed to increase energy resilience through islanding and distributed energy resource integration. It features a modular, flexible design, which allows for software control, with virtual wire connections. The system is a proving ground for its design, allowing for rapid deployment in other situations, such as wildfire or disaster response.

Distributed Energy Award
Distributed Energy Award Goes to Unique Hog Farm Microgrid
Animal waste is not pretty, but it can be a pretty good source of energy, as evidenced by the innovative solution at a North Carolina hog farm that captures biogas and utilizes it as a renewable energy resource to the benefit of the local community.

Bringing the APR1400 Reactor to Market
The APR1400 nuclear reactor design underwent an extensive, years-long evaluation period conducted by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The Korean-designed unit is now the first non-U.S. reactor design to receive a standard design approval from the NRC.

Hydropower Is Vital to Africa’s Future
Africa, like many of the world’s developing regions, needs more power generation. The continent is looking to renewable energy to supply much of its growing electricity demand. Africa’s experience with hydropower is helping in the development of small- and medium-sized hydro installations, which cause less disruption to local populations and can be built more quickly.

Transmission & Distribution
Drivers for Advanced Distribution Management Systems
Utilities are noting the importance of investing in Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMSs), designed to bring better control and optimization of the power grid. The implementation of ADMSs highlights the move toward fostering better reliability and resilience of the grid, a key need as more renewable resources are integrated into the power mix.

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