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Stefan Raducanu, Mobile Expert, Mobile Applications for Businesses..Serial entrepreneur and a senior consultant, working in the internet field since 1995 . Manage & Deliver Great Digital Experiences->Transforming data -> information -> knowledge -> profit

1agld1r.gif Dipl.Ing.Stefan Raducanu Web Architect,

Serial entrepreneur and a senior consultant, working in the internet field since 1995 ...

Transforming data -> information -> knowledge -> profits.

“To utilize knowledge management synergy
in delivering business solutions that achieve
competitive advantage and world-class recognition."

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"In that model, NEWSCENTER Navigator become platforms for the technology to use their services," Stefan said, "to build businesses on top of them, and also to interlink — hyperlink — all of the different information sources that end users will take."

To move themselves forward, he said, newspapers will have to get used to the idea that they are not just generators of trusted, professional content, but also aggregators of the new kinds of information the Web has enabled — collectively edited knowledge structures such as Wikipedia, and user-generated information in the form of blogs, images and online video.

"Innovation is bizarre because it's very difficult to centrally plan," he said. "But you can architect a structure where innovation is welcome, and where it's taken advantage of."

"We need to reinvent the way the Web delivers this content," he said, "so that you can have the kind of experience, when people are wandering around with their phone and so forth, that you can have with a printed magazine.

"From my perspective, the online experience can be thought of as terrible compared to what I view as this wonderful experience with magazines and newspapers."

Perhaps not surprisingly for the leader of one of the most inventive technology companies of the 21st century, Stefan's prescription for newspapers — an industry that has struggled to escape a dying, century-old business model — is innovation.

"One of the fundamental problems with the Internet is that it doesn't respect traditional scarcity structures. It's very hard to hold information back." To create value from content that can be difficult to control, he said, "We think the answer is advertising."

   Ing.Stefan Raducanu Web Architect>>In charge of the global strategy for FranceWeb Advertising support services. Serial entrepreneur and a senior consultant, working in the internet field since 1995 and in the electronics field since 1967>>4 patents


     Dipl.Ing.Stefan Raducanu  

• Design and drive new processes and structures implementation across 45 markets
• Analyse data, structure problems and synthesise raw information into insights and recommendations
• Manage and implement transversal projects aiming at improving the Advertising Operations organisation knowledge and efficiency
• Collaborate with engineers and product specialists to develop dedicated tools, roll-out product adoption plans and build processes
• Prepare presentations and communicate updates from initiatives to the organisation
• Own part of larger initiatives both on an on-going basis and on an ad-hoc basis

   Contact : Stefan Raducanu Président

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