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Children's Health in Indian Country
Mon, 18 Oct 2010 09:30:49 -0500

By Margo Young As a mom of two young children I relate to any parent or caregiver trying to create a healthy environment for children to thrive and grow. As a public health worker in the field of children’s health protection, I am also acutely aware that the environments we raise our children in this country [...]

PV Group News on Standards Initiatives, Subsidies, India

New PV Standards Initiatives Lower Costs for All

Bettina Weiss
By Bettina Weiss
Sr. Director, SEMI PV Group, SEMI

Advanced automation of the PV manufacturing process will make a major contribution to reduced costs for solar cells and panels through increased throughput, improved product quality, better yields, and lower maintenance and operational expenses. No single company can fully realize these benefits without working closely with their suppliers and their competitors. Highly automated and advanced manufacturing systems are comprised of multiple equipment types, technologies and supporting products from best-in-class suppliers from around the world; enabling these different processes, products and technologies to work seamlessly and cost-effectively together require diverse, well-informed and effective i
ndustry standards

Tech Update: India May Soon Resolve BlackBerry Dispute

MUMBAI, India — Indian officials and Research In Motion, the maker of popular BlackBerry devices, appear to be making progress toward resolving a battle over the government’s ability to monitor encrypted e-mail and instant messages.

Ericsson wins major deal from India’s Bharti

Swedish infrastructure and services firm Ericsson is raking in the cash this week, announcing its third major contract in as many days. On Wednesday, the vendor struck a $1.3bn deal with Indian operator Bharti Airtel to expand and upgrade the carrier’s 2G network over the next two years.

  • An RSS name crops up in Ajmer blast

    The Rajasthan anti-terrorist squad (ATS) has named a senior RSS leader in the chargesheet in connection with the 2007 Ajmer blast in Rajasthan, a development that could have far-reaching ramifications. The RSS and the BJP, however, have trashed the development, saying it is a “political conspiracy” by the ruling dispensation.
    According to the 806-page chargesheet Indresh Kumar, the RSS leader, was present at a secret meeting, along with six other functionaries of the saffron outfit, at a Gujarati guest house in Jaipur on October 31, 2005.

A move aimed at in hands oversight of the overseas banks  Full Story

Currency volatility may hit IT cos' profits in coming quarters

TCS, Infosys Technologies & Wipro - were affected by foreign exchange volatility in the September quarter this fiscal and their profit margins took a hit.

An online mapping service launched by China to rival 'Google Earth' shows Arunachal Pradesh and Aksai Chin as part of this country, in what is being seen as the latest move by Beijing to assert its claim over the Indian territory.

Congress bides time; JD(S) steps up heat on BSY

 It is learnt Janata Dal has got a hint from Congress on 'Constitutional steps' planned against the Karnataka government.


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