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Our events provide you with laser focused content, unique experiences, access to people & ideas that create innovation, relevant connections, & generate business.

Our vision has always been making the eco-system safe, compliant and sustainable for consumers, publishers and advertisers. We helped the online advertising industry take a big step towards that direction by identifying, measuring, and solving many of its unseen hurdles inhibiting that. We brought traffic clarity to an amazing roster of clients, with our findings becoming an industry standard.



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Go-Explore: a New Approach for Hard-Exploration Problems

A grand challenge in reinforcement learning is intelligent exploration, especially when rewards are sparse or deceptive. Two Atari games serve as benchmarks for such hard-exploration domains: Montezuma's Revenge and Pitfall. On both games, current RL algorithms perform poorly, even those with intrinsic motivation, which is the dominant method to improve performance on hard-exploration domains. To address this shortfall, we introduce a new algorithm called Go-Explore. It exploits the following principles: (1) remember previously visited states, (2) first return to a promising state (without exploration), then explore from it, and (3) solve simulated environments through any available means (including by introducing determinism), then robustify via imitation learning. The combined effect of these principles is a dramatic performance improvement on hard-exploration problems. On Montezuma's Revenge, Go-Explore scores a mean of over 43k points, almost 4 times the previous state of the art. Go-Explore can also harness human-provided domain knowledge and, when augmented with it, scores a mean of over 650k points on Montezuma's Revenge. Its max performance of nearly 18 million surpasses the human world record, meeting even the strictest definition of "superhuman" performance. On Pitfall, Go-Explore with domain knowledge is the first algorithm to score above zero. Its mean score of almost 60k points exceeds expert human performance. Because Go-Explore produces high-performing demonstrations automatically and cheaply, it also outperforms imitation learning work where humans provide solution demonstrations. Go-Explore opens up many new research directions into improving it and weaving its insights into current RL algorithms. It may also enable progress on previously unsolvable hard-exploration problems in many domains, especially those that harness a simulator during training (e.g. robotics).
Comments: 37 pages, 14 figures
Subjects: Machine Learning (cs.LG); Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI); Machine Learning (stat.ML)
Cite as: arXiv:1901.10995 [cs.LG]
  (or arXiv:1901.10995v1 [cs.LG] for this version)
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Where Digital Workplaces and Intranets Thrive

  • Since 2002, DWG has carried out 700 benchmark evaluations of intranets and digital workplaces of major organizations.
  • We draw on our unique set of diagnostics, data and examples to independently assess how your organization is performing – with recommendations for improvement.
  • Learn more about Benchmarking Evaluations »

DWG is a boutique consultancy covering all aspects of the evolving digital workplace. We provide vendor-neutral, expert advice and practitioner-led support, helping organizations tackle specific challenges on their digital workplace and intranet journeys – using our measurement and research-driven methods.

Practice areas & case studies »

The DWG Member Forum is a confidential, members-only grouping of 100 of the world’s best known organizations, Members share with each other (online and in person) detailed best practice and challenges, underpinned by 15 years of DWG expert research, measurement and peer learning.

3 pillars of membership »

Shimrit Janes – Social, knowledge sharing, strategy

Shimrit JanesShimrit Janes is a freelance researcher, writer and consultant, specializing in the use of social technology for knowledge sharing. She previously led an award-winning joint project with law firm RPC and The University of Westminster’s Business School, which included implementing and overseeing a bespoke social intranet. Her current work covers a range of projects, including continued research and writing work with The University of Westminster on implementing effective social knowledge platforms. Shimrit also carries out research and consultancy for DWG, in addition to being our Community Manager covering Europe.

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Knowledge Management lessons for digital workplace practitioners: How to avoid reinventing the wheel

KM lessons for DW practioners front coverPrice: Free
The field of knowledge management (KM) offers some important learnings for digital workplace practitioners. Key practices and lessons drawn from KM’s successes – and its failures – are presented in this report. Including case studies from Microsoft Services and EY.

View Product

FREE REPORT EXCERPT: Raising your organization’s digital IQ: How to improve digital skills

DW literacy report front coverPrice: Free
Major research studies are indicating the importance of equipping the workforce with the skills to work digitally. However, many organizations are failing to address this challenge. This report corrals together a selection of examples of best-practice digital skills initiatives inside a range of organizations.

View Product

FREE REPORT EXCERPT: Digital workplace adoption strategies: Proven approaches to bring users on board

Digital workplace adoption strategies front coverPrice: Free
This report takes a closer look at what digital workplace adoption means, the challenges it presents and how organizations are overcoming these challenges in diverse ways. The report covers seven factors that influence adoption (and how to use them to drive adoption in your organization).

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Evolving the employee mobile experience: Six key approaches for success

Evolving the employee mobile experience front coverPrice: Free
Extending the reach of digital tools and channels via mobile is key to most digital workplace strategies. However, progress on mobile capabilities has been piecemeal to date. This report examines six foundational approaches organisations need to take to evolve the employee mobile experience.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Digital workplace content strategy: What practitioners need to know

Digital workplace content strategy front coverPrice: Free
This paper provides an introduction for organizations looking to implement a content strategy for the digital workplace. It outlines an approach to understanding the content landscape inside your organization, focusing in on the content experience, and creating the content strategy.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Setting up a user experience programme: The path to a user-centred digital workplace

Setting up a UX programme front coverPrice: Free
Creating and implementing a user experience programme that is tailored to a specific organization and its users’ needs requires backing and commitment from the entire organization. This research investigates the practical steps towards setting up such a programme.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Measuring the digital workplace: The power of metrics in the connected workplace

front cover of Measuring the DWPrice: Free
This paper extends DWG’s research on metrics for intranets and communications, looking at the wider digital workplace in areas such as email, unified communications and social network analysis. It takes a broad view, examining how we can digitally measure the smart workplace, digital work, employees and ourselves.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Inside-Out Digital Leader: Digitally transforming your organization from within

front cover of The Inside-Out DW LeaderPrice: Free
Transforming yourself as a leader is the starting point for digitally transforming your organization. In this research we set out the skills, mindset and approach it takes to lead in the digital workplace as well as lead the digital workplace itself, with examples from inspiring leaders and self-assessments to track your progress.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Office 365: What digital workplace teams need to know

Front cover of Office 365 reportPrice: Free
Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing commercial product ever. Recent DWG research found that 48% of organizations are already using it and an additional 15% planned to in the next year. This report provides digital workplace teams with insight into the business drivers, challenges and opportunities.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Is your organization ready for the digital workplace?

Front cover of is your organization ready for the DWPrice: Free
This research investigates what “organizational readiness” really is, before further exploring what it looks like in practical terms; how to assess your organization’s readiness; and how to begin to close the gaps between where you are today and where you could be tomorrow.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The personalized intranet

front cover of The personalized intranetPrice: Free
Fundamentally, personalization and customization for the intranet are about creating a user experience tailored to the person using that platform. This report explores these techniques in detail, along with their benefits, and the success factors for implementing an effective approach.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Documenting intranet management practices

front cover of Documenting intranet management practices small versionPrice: Free
DWG benchmarking looks for evidence of intranet and digital workplace management practices being formalized and documented. This report is aimed to help managers understand best practices and approaches as they research, define and formalize their own intranet management practices.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The changing role of Internal Communications

front cover of the changing role of IC small versionPrice: Free
In order to thrive within such a highly challenging business environment, Internal Communications of the future must change the way it contributes to business. This report explores the evolution of IC, new opportunities, as well as the expanded skill set that ICs need.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Digital Workplace Governance

Digital Workplace GovernancePrice: Free
What does it take to put governance in place across the digital workplace? This research explores the advantages and challenges as well as the key elements of digital workplace governance including both the functional and people aspects, with case studies from six pioneering organizations.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Digital Workplace Roadmaps

digital-workplace-roadmapsPrice: Free
This research takes a deep dive into best practices around digital workplace roadmaps: what they are and how should they be used? Drawing on case studies from six pioneering organizations the research explores the key steps and approaches to consider when creating a roadmap, as well as a high-level checklist.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Evidence-based Intranet Success

DWG Evidence based Intranet SuccessPrice: Free
DWG’s research report Evidence-based Intranet Success: Best practices revealed by benchmarking data analysis is a ground-breaking deep dive and analysis of years of unique data gained from DWG benchmarking.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Understanding the relationship between organizational culture and the digital workplace

front cover of Understanding the relationship between organizational culture and the dw small versionPrice: Free
This research note focuses on the elements of culture that intranet and digital workplace professionals need to consider as part of their wider programme. It examines 13 specific cultural values and their impact on the digital workplace.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: A Holistic Approach to Intranet Search

DWG-intranet-search-holistic-approach-executive-summary-105x150Price: Free
Intranet search is perceived as poor by users and an intractable problem by intranet managers. To achieve great intranet or enterprise search, you need to manage: the search index, user experience, intranet architecture, content, the habits of content publishers.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Change Management for the Intranet

DWG-change-management-for-the-intranet-executive-summary-105x150Price: Free
For teams launching new intranets, social platforms, or digital workplace initiatives, change management is a given. This report gathers together some of the best change management practices that have proven successful.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Digital Communication Channels

Digital communication channel matrix cover - executive summaryPrice: Free
Internal communications professionals have more digital channels than ever, including mobile, activity feeds, and user-generated content. This report looks at the options available and introduces a channel selection toolset to maximize business impact.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Becoming a Digital Workplace Leader

Becoming a digital workplace leader - Executive SummaryPrice: Free
Awareness is growing of the need to address the fragmented employee experience of digital tools. This represents an exciting, if challenging, opportunity for those in intranet and related professions to step up and lead in the digital world of work.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Measuring Internal Communications

Measuring Internal Communications- Executive SummaryPrice: Free
Digital communications and channels leave digital trails of use and, as a result, communications are becoming seemingly more measurable. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for Internal Communications to prove their value.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Successful Social Intranets

Price: Free
Lack of strategy, spotty adoption, and the absence of a strong business case are key barriers to successfully deploying social intranets. This report offers guidance on both building a social intranet business case and addressing the challenges of adoption.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Success with Enterprise Mobile

dwg-success-with-enterprise-mobile-cover-150-105Price: Free
Enterprise mobility is a game-changer for organizations, but up to now the focus has generally been on the benefits it brings to workers when they are “on the go”, telecommuting or wanting to use their personal device to access corporate systems.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Intranet Employee Directories

intranet-employee-directories-cover-150Price: Free
The employee directory is the classic example “the killer app”. But data for which the employee directory was once the best source is being surfaced in many other places. Skills, experience and knowledge are ending up as part of the enterprise social network.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: User-Centred Intranet Architecture

User-Centred Information Architecture - coverPrice: Free
In this paper we set out the steps to developing an intranet information architecture (IA) using user-centred design (UCD) techniques, starting with why it is so hard to build an intuitive IA, and key success factors.

View Product


SharePoint 2013Price: Free
Analyzes the strengths and shortcomings of SharePoint 2013 as an intranet, a portal, a collaboration platform, a mechanism for storing and disseminating documents, and as a means of connecting employees through profiles and social media.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Digital Workplace User Experience

 Digital Workplace User Experience CoverPrice: Free
Poor user experience in the digital workplace is a source of daily frustration for many employees. The good news is that it’s not too late to tackle this issue.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Art of Collaboration

Art of Collaboration report coverPrice: Free
Even with the plethora of tools available and the ease of implementation, successful collaboration is not a given. This report examines ways in which teams responsible for intranets can improve the success of online collaboration.

View Product

FREE SUMMARY: Social Intranets in Action

Social Intranets in Action coverPrice: Free
The aim of this paper is to generate ideas and inspiration for intranet teams that can be applied to their own social intranet projects. Characteristics and good practices are highlighted, but at the core are real-life examples of social intranets in action.

View Product

FREE SUMMARY: Managing Risk in the Digital Workplace

Managing Risk in the Digital Workplace CoverPrice: Free
The digital workplace presents opportunities to communicate, collaborate and share information more quickly and freely, both internally and with business partners. But with these opportunities come potential risks – learn how to manage them.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Managing Intranet Content

Managing Intranet Content CoverPrice: Free
This report looks at the practices involved in effectively managing intranet content, addressing content strategy, publishing models, managing the publishing community, quality of content, managing the different types of content and also the content lifecycle.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Strategy & Governance

Digital Workplace Strategy & Governance - coverPrice: Free
Drawing on DWG’s ‘Strategy & Governance’ benchmarking model and a specially-commissioned survey of intranet managers, and in-depth case studies it highlights relevant examples of good practice in intranet strategy, governance and senior sponsorship.

View Product


Price: Free
This report examines how passion can be best harnessed it to improve an intranet, based on in-depth interviews with intranet practitioners from AEP, IKEA, PG&E, SCANA and Verizon.

View Product


Measuring intranets report - DWGPrice: Free
This member-only research report considers what should be measured across the intranet estate, and which metrics are useful and important for intranet managers.

View Product


search coverPrice: Free
Covers the current state of search management and the trends that are making search more critical than ever, and sets out the key roles and responsibilities of the search team.

View Product


Price: Free
This report provides the basis for IT departments and intranet managers to appreciate the benefits and challenges of implementing an intranet suite.

View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Sharepoint 2010 Intranet

Price: Free
A research report providing invaluable guidance to intranet managers needing to understand what’s changed in SharePoint 2010, how to approach the upgrade decision, the importance of governance, critical success factors for implementation and more. This report features over 30 pages of carefully research information, advice and resources. View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Inclusive Intranet

Price: Free
With workforces becoming increasingly fragmented and mobile, intranet managers face the challenge of providing a service that reaches all employees. This report identifies the groups typically marginalized from intranet access, then highlights the benefits realized by organizations that are successfully extending the reach of the intranet to these user groups. View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Social Media Implementation

Price: Free
Enterprise social media adoption is becoming increasingly widespread, with some major research indicating that as many as one in two organizations now have some form of social application on their intranet.This report aims to help organizations that have yet to introduce social media on their intranets as well as those who have taken some initial steps down this road. View Product


Price: Free
This research investigates the concept of moving a company’s disparate intranets into one. It looks at the key considerations and challenges, and the importance of aligning with business objectives. Featured herein are in-depth case studies from Johnson & Johnson, Houses of Parliament and Océ. View Product

FREE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: New Directions in Usability

Price: Free
Intranets are at the centre of a profound shift in work, business and communication activities. As organizations become more digitized and dispersed, the effectiveness and efficiency with which users interact with their online work environments has an increasing impact on corporate performance. View Product

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An Analysis Audit in Four Acts3smartphones.jpeg

With potentially thousands or tens of thousands of landing pages on a domain, you’re going to need a structured way of conducting this analysis. We recommend dividing a content audit into four main stages:

  1. Initial content assessment
  2. Performance analysis
  3. Structural analysis
  4. Benchmark analysis

We’ll describe each of these in more detail now.

1. Initial content assessment

Some content marketers might find working with spreadsheets intimidating and/or soul-destroying – content is supposed to be about words and emotions and not about data and tables! However, the great thing about Excel (or your spreadsheet tool of choice) is its flexibility. You can pull together data from numerous sources, sort it, filter it and make use of relatively simple functionalities like conditional formatting to get quick, helpful insights.excel-example-content-assessment

Your range of data sources will depend on your own setup, but commonly they will include Google Analytics, the Google Search Console and an SEO software platform like the Searchmetrics Research Cloud, among others. Viewing all the data in one place makes it extremely quick and easy to spot gaps. For example, a simple column filter can instantly show you which URLs are missing a meta description, giving you a great starting point for basic optimization measures.

2. Performance Analysis

The next step is to analyze the performance of your pages. By looking at keyword rankings and traffic potential, you can identify those URLs that have the greatest optimization potential. A good rule of thumb is to look for keywords with:

  • high search volume
  • a good, but not excellent ranking (e.g. position 4 to 30)
  • low level of competition (e.g. based on the cost-per-click of keywords)
  • ompetition (e.g. based on the cost-per-click of keywords)


These KPIs, all of which can be viewed in the Searchmetrics Research Cloud, can act as a good guide for identifying high-potential pages. In your specific case you may have other indicators that should also be considered, such as the average basket value for product purchases.

Once you’ve found URLs and keywords that look like good candidates for optimization, a good way of seeing ­how to optimize the pages is to check out the content itself. With content analysis software like the Searchmetrics Content Experience, you can assess the strength of on-page content by looking at performance factors such as word count and the inclusion of relevant keywords. If the page you’re targeting for optimization has sub-standard content, then improving the quality of the text is a great place to start.

example-content-experience-content-scoreBut, as mentioned in the beginning, there is often just too much content on your website. It’s  sometimes not about improving existing or adding new content; it’s more about getting rid of content that’s out-dated, not relevant for your target audience or doesn’t have a brand fit anymore. Underperformance and low search volume are always first indicators of where to start, but always check the content goals and match these with your strategic direction. Often, pages have a key role internally, and therefore a right to exist.

3. Structural Analysis

As websites expand, categories, sub-categories and standalone content sections are often added on the fly, resulting in domain structures that are near-impossible to follow, with the user experience resembling The Place That Sends You Mad in The Twelve Tasks of Asterix. Obviously, this should be avoided if users are to be encouraged to stay on (and return to) your page. Furthermore, a well-structured site is much easier for a search engine crawler to navigate, meaning that more of your content can be correctly processed and indexed, giving it a chance to appear in the organic search rankings.

When restructuring the content on a site, it makes sense to take a top-down approach. First, directories should be established for the website’s main topics. Then, content pieces can be assigned to the relevant directories. Finally, the structure of individual texts can be analyzed to ensure their information architecture communicates to users in an appealing, effective way.


Working from the top down is an excellent way of spotting overlaps in topics, where directories can be eliminated or merged together, and content pieces that may address near-identical topics and are only creating confusion, without adding any value for visitors to your site.

4. Benchmark Analysis

The first three steps of the content audit have dealt directly with the content on your own page. The fourth step, a benchmark analysis, involves looking at the pages competing within your search environment. This doesn’t mean that you try to duplicate a competitor’s content – or even their strategy – but, for example, looking at the keywords your competitors rank for is a good way of identifying potential topics that might be missing on your own site.shared-keywords-content-audit-research-cloud

A benchmark analysis goes beyond an introspective look at your own website and uses the available data to analyze what is making those around you successful. This gives you a more rounded understanding of what ranks well in organic search within your industry or topical niche, and helps you make optimizations that can lead to real improvements in performance.


To summarize, content audits:

  • create transparency and give you an overview of your content
  • help identify content with the potential for quick optimization
  • reveal redundant content that can be eliminated from your website
  • create a clear, targeted structure for your website and its content
  • lay the foundation for the creation of a content strategy
  • are an investment in the performance of your content

One last question: When should I do a content audit?

The easy answer is: Now!. There is never a bad time to gain a better understanding of your content and its structure, and see where your areas of potential lie. That said, there are certain milestones in the life-cycle of a domain where a content audit is of particular value:

  • website launch or relaunch
  • change in the company’s strategic direction
  • change in the company goals
  • observation of visible drop in website performance

Of course, rather than wait for performance to fall, regular audits (e.g. annually) can help prevent any decline before it happens. The organic search environment is constantly evolving, as your competitors become more sophisticated, Google updates its algorithm and user expectations change over time. A content audit won’t solve all your problems overnight, but it will give you a detailed understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and set you off on the path to realizing your potential.

Request a Content Audit




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