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"Don't just collect contacts; grow your network with us!"
Do you want to learn more about business opportunities? No matter if you are an entrepreneur, employee, or freelancer, you are welcome to share your experiences with us and expand your network!
We want to engage with everyone who has an interest in the creation, collection, preservation and use of archives relating to science, technology, engineering and related disciplines. To this end, SRU aims to create a network for all those who have an interest in archives of science, technology, engineering and related disciplines, to share knowledge and raise awareness of the value of such archives in all media and formats for research, education and public enjoyment.
Global4.gifInstitut for International Research
International Communications,..
Community management

Collaborate, Communicate, Connect...24/7/365.

The Infinite Archive. Storing bits for 100 years.

                                       The Global Evolution

Look to the Future, and what do you see? New life, new technology.

This is our vision of the future: inventing a better world in which you grow up.

 Our Mission : Building Global Communication Networks.

 The World is our Workplace. Let's work togheter.

International Communications, (Cooperation)....

Intercultural Management ,

Global Business Development

 To preserve our knowledge base and cultures, we must find a way to save digital content for future generation. 

 Our Vision :Promoting International links and exchange of experience

Stefan NEWS Press Reader  Personalized News Aggregator

People, Region, Country, Firm, Department,.., You!

Know why, Know who, Know where, Know what. The know how to succeed.  


Discovery holds more than 10 million descriptions of records held by The SRU Archives and more than 4,500 sources across the World. Over 9 million records are available for download.


NewsCenter for everyone

A Day in the World....Discover the World !

News You Can Use At Your FingertipsIs Just A Click Away !

FranceWebAsso&SRU-Electronics->Construire un numérique des lumières.« faire avec » l’humain : faire avec l’inertie des usages, faire avec les craintes, faire avec l’utilisateur-consommateur convaincu de sa maturité numérique.

2 maini.jpg Encourager le partage de savoirs, d'être au monde et de le voir.

Or comprendre, c’est écouter....FranceWebAsso 

Société du Savoir Groupe d'intérêts.jpg


Un univers de possibilités


Imaginez un monde dans lequel chaque être humain peut librement obtenir et partager des connaissances. Ceci est notre engagement.


FranceWebAsso : C'est Moi, C'est Vous, C'est Nous !


C'est notre capital !

Encourager le partage de savoirs, une nouvelle manière d'être au monde et de le voir.

Privilégier l'esprit d'équipe, le partage des savoir-faire et la solidarité, à la fois en interne et dans nos partenariats.
Mettre chacun en situation de réussite. Contribuer par la qualité individuelle à la performance commune.

Services uniques à la pointe pour que vous soyez plus compétitif.

Un humain moyen + une machine moyenne + un bon processus

est supérieur à

un super ordinateur

qui est lui-même supérieur à

un humain expert + une machine + un mauvais processus.

On observe que ce n’est pas le super ordinateur qui gagne. Ce n’est pas non plus l’expert. Au contraire, ce qui fait la différence, c’est le processus, c’est à dire la façon dont l’humain moyen doté d’une machine moyenne utilise cette dernière. Ce qui fait la différence, c’est donc la façon d’utiliser l’informatique, pas l’informatique elle-même, si puissante soit-elle.

Entreprendre & Réussir avec les espaces de travail collaboratif E-GLOBALNETWORK. Connectez-vous au Monde!

The Need for Speedy Information Online

Companies, People, Products, Services & Solutions

Your Way to Better Search Results

Making a better Internet > I AM, YOU ARE, WE ARE HAPPY in...

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Delivers what You need...


The human search engine!

More than a company name...Encore une fois, je crois à l'approche collaborative.

Mais un blogueur, un média qui vient de naître avec trois personnes, ont le droit aussi d'exister. Il faut trouver des mécanismes, ce qui n’est pas simple. Les réseaux sociaux ont aussi besoin de redorer leur image.

SRU-Electronics™ is the marketing and advertising paradigm for the new century. Utilizing the latest proven technology, SRU-Electronics™ energizes its client's message by innovatively combining consumer-driven interactive advertising with multiple media channels. Products & services come to life, piquing the consumer's interest to achieve maximum impact.

 Internet Presence (Web Sites, Content Networks, HTML, E-mail, Connectivity)
The Business Search Engine - Companies, Products, Services & Solutions

 All global sources in one app!  Newspapers, Radio, Tv, in local, regional, national , international . A quick way to browse and read Global News.




European Network Exchange

is a free global forum for all the citizens
who are interested in having a part in building the European Union.

France Web Virtual Agency21 (FWVA21)

International Communications, Intercultural Management, Global Business Development.

Any user, anywhere, any size company, on any device!



The human search engine!


Companies, People, Products, Services & Solutions


"Processeur d'information " ,"Processeur de connaissance".

Need more details or a free no obligation quote? We are here to assist you! Contact us by email franceweb@gmail.com or through our social media channels. Encore une fois, je crois à l'approche collaborative.

Contact: Stefan Raducanu :  stefanraducanu@yahoo.fr

Meet your connectivity, network and applications needs with one provider who can deliver and manage it all. Get ubiquitous high-speed Net in hotels, airports, McDonald's, Hertz and top brands nationwide and in Europe, Asia and Africa through E-GLOBALNETWORK.

Travelers, Meeting Planners,Hoteliers, Airport Managers, etc.

 While the Intergovernmental Conference is working for the reform of the Maastricht Treaty, which means for the XXI century Europe, the European citizens too virtually meet together in European Network Exchange and debate the most important items for the the future European Union identity.

Which is the Europe you are looking for?  Which are and should be the European citizens' rights and duties? Could Europe, starting from a critic awareness of its past, culture values and institutions, propose a new development model?  Can the EU citizens elaborate and propose a project for a society more equal and democratic?  Can Europe become a model and an instrument for Peace in the world?  Which is the place the Union is giving to the financial order?  Which are the relationships between North and South of the world that the European Union citizens desire, propose or accept?

In this forum you can find debates and news about this subjects; in European Network Exchange you can find an increasing group of European organizations: who they are, where they act, what they want.
The European Network Exchange  also includes the publishing of some booklets about the main issues that will be discussed in the forum. You will find an informative note in these pages as soon as they get ready.

 Have a glance to the other pages to understand better

what kind of information you can find & give in this place.
European Network Exchange is promoted by Stefan Raducanu in cooperation with

e-Global, Global Network, e-GLOBALNETWORK, Cannes, Media Network Exchange, Internet Journal, Votre Ville.., Intelligent Living, Information Center, Global Business Development, Global Network Exchange, Global Interface, African Network Exchange, e-Business, FranceWeb, Electronics.

and sustained by SRU-Electronics, e-Global, MMM, and Global Interface

FRANCE WEB MEDIA DIGITAL->Unique->Station2->FranceWebAsso-> réseau d’intelligence collective -> Nouvelle société du savoir, un instrument d’intelligence collective ! projet architectural majeur du 21ème siècle, Making a better Internet

Groupe d'intérêts.jpgThe More Everything  Direct to reader

Making a better Internet

Pour innover, puisez dans les connaissances

Laissons parler les imbéciles 

De l’exception à la restriction

 « Le pouvoir de l’imagination nous rend éternel »


 C'est Moi, C'est Vous, C'est Nous !

21stCenturyFranceWebArchive : FranceWebAsso > Société du Savoir ..

Discovery holds more than 32 million descriptions of records held by The National Archives and more than 2,500 archives across the country. Over 9 million records are available for download.

Addressing the challenges - from product thinking to system understanding
Addressing the challenges - from product thinking to system understanding


The 2018 edition of the Power and Sensing Selection Guide is specifically designed to provide a broad application focus. It gives an overview of the right-fit products for today’s and tomorrow’s system solutions across power management and sensing applications.

The new edition shows Infineon’s complete portfolio of advanced, high performance technologies for power management and sensing applications. It is accompanied by a variety of tools, support, and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry.

Take a look inside

Conference PCIM 2018

PCIM Europe Conference, the leading international user-oriented conference for power electronics, takes place in parallel to the PCIM Europe exhibition and links science to industry. In combination with the seminars and tutorials taking place on the two days preceding the exhibition, the conference offers specialist knowledge in unrivaled compactness. The PCIM Europe Conference is where renowned experts from leading companies and research institutes introduce the solutions and technologies of tomorrow.

Find out more about the PCIM Europe Conference

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