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March 6, 2018 Executive summary

Interagency working group analyzes state of cyber standards for internet of things

Four defense winners -- and one disappointment -- from the Pentagon budget deal

Trump’s fiscal 2019 budget plan to allocate $20 billion for NASA and end space station funding in 2025

Experts: 2019 DOD budget plan headed for receptive audience on Capitol Hill

New planes for Joint-STARS radar surveillance system killed in proposed DOD budget

Featured Webcast

Rugged hardware for mission-critical applications: high density computing and sff embedded solutions



Executive suite

Pentagon eyes 12.3 percent spending boost in electronics, communications, and intelligence

U.S. military spending in substantial electronics accounts is set for notable increases next year as spending increases are expected for procurement and research in military communications, electronics, telecommunications, and intelligence (CET&I) technologies.


Procurement opportunities

Army reaches out to industry for new ideas on exoskeletons to help warfighters lift heavy loads

U.S. Army scientists are reaching out to industry for new ways to relieve infantry warfighters of heavy loads with load-bearing robotic suits called exoskeletons.

DARPA eyes phased-array sonar for active sonar, acoustic surveillance, and underwater communications

U.S. military researchers are working with two technology companies to develop underwater phased-array sonar that could operate covertly on unmanned submersibles or surface vessels as small, lightweight, and affordable ocean-surveillance systems.


Air Force eyes sensor-fusion project to enhance surveillance radar by blending-in electro-optical tech

U.S. Air Force researchers are ready to kick off a $33.6 million five-year sensor-fusion program to enhance the effectiveness of surveillance radar by blending-in electro-optical technologies like visible-light, infrared, multispectral, and hyperspectral sensors.


DOD 2019 budget

2019 DOD budget proposes $686.1 billion in military spending: largest Pentagon budget ever?

Leaders of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) are seeking an overall increase of more than 7 percent to military spending next year. The proposed fiscal 2019 DOD budget, submitted to Congress Monday, is for $686.1 billion, which represents a 7.4 percent increase over this year's request of $639.1 billion, and is reported to be the largest-ever DOD topline budget request.


2019 DOD budget would bring U.S. military spending up to levels we've rarely seen before

There's no doubt that the fiscal 2019 budget request for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), submitted to Congress on Monday, is one of the biggest DOD budget documents we've ever seen. It calls for military spending of $686.1 billion on the U.S. military next year.


Design-in case studies

Navy looks to BST Systems and EaglePicher for silver-zinc battery technology for undersea systems

U.S. Navy underwater warfare experts are working with two battery companies to provide rechargeable 750 AMP per hour silver-zinc battery cells for a deep submergence application on various undersea vehicles.

Air Force asks Raytheon to provide multispectral targeting sensors for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

U.S. Air Force electro-optical surveillance experts needed next-generation multispectral targeting systems for the MQ-9 Reaper attack unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and other reconnaissance aircraft. They found their solution from the Raytheon Co.

L-3 to provide airborne digital data link to connect helicopters and Navy surface warships

U.S. Navy helicopter avionics experts needed a digital data link to enable helicopters to share sensor information in real time with Navy surface warships. They found their solution from L3 Communications-West in Salt Lake City.

Sikorsky chooses Curtiss Wright for helicopter air data computer and windshield anti-ice controller

Avionics designers at Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. in Stratford, Conn., needed an air data computer and windshield anti-ice controller for several variants of the U.S. UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. They found their solution from the Curtiss-Wright Corp. Defense Solutions Division in Ashburn, Va.


Acquisition and logistics

Air Force orders electro-optical sensors for airborne surveillance from L-3 Sonoma

U.S. Air Force airborne surveillance experts needed visible-light and infrared electro-optical sensors for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. They found their solution from L-3 Communications.


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