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"Who is GLOBALnet?""What does GLOBALnet do?""Why haven't I heard of you before?"Why should I do business with GLOBALnet?

Welcome to HostedByGLOBALnet.com!

We're glad you stopped by! Whether you are a beginner or a serious webmaster, if you're looking for a safe place to keep your website, HostedByGLOBALnet is the perfect host. Here's why:

1. A Company You Can Trust
GLOBALnet has been in business since 1993. How long as your current web host been in business? We operate out of a real office with real staff monitoring our servers and network 24/7.

2. Fast Network/Server Backbone Connection
Our servers are connected to the internet at lightning speed! Our backbone includes high speed OC192 connections for efficient and reliable high-speed performance. We have teamed up with a major connection tier 1 provider to bring you one of the most reliable services on the Internet today.

3. Best Value For Your Money
Choose the plan that best fits your needs and budget. Compare our plans to the competition, and you'll soon find that other Web hosting companies charge up to 5 times more.

4. Fully Monitored Servers
Take advantage of the latest technology. Thanks to our fully monitored servers, your website will experience virtually no downtime during server reboots, server maintenance, and server hardware failure. In fact, our uptime statistics are so good, we publish them here.

5. Great Technical Support
Your website will be in good hands. We provide 24/7 email support and toll-free phone support. Plus, we assign one representative to be your single point of contact, who is responsible for your complete satisfaction.

6. Satisfaction Guarantee
Keeping you happy is our top priority. In addition to our service guarantee, we also offer all web hosting clients an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

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"Who is GLOBALnet?"

GLOBALnet was founded in 1993, as the communications division of GLOBALnet Direct Marketing, based in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with independent representatives nationwide.

GLOBALnet's long distance services include basic and enhanced long distance, toll-free services, calling cards, billing, management and productivity services, competitive intelligence, cost containment and overbilling recovery. We also provide dial-up and high speed internet access, domain name registration, website design and hosting - all with outstanding service and even better prices!

"What does GLOBALnet do?"

GLOBALnet contracts with communications carriers, resellers and other technology companies to buy large volumes of service and resell it at a discount not available directly to the public. In addition, we use our specialized knowledge to save you money - and discover (and recover) refunds due to you from other companies.

"Why haven't I heard of you before?"

Our 2004 advertising budget was $5,000.00.  We generate almost 80% of our new customer base by word of mouth referrals from existing clients. That's just the way we like it. We've been able to manage our growth extremely well, without sacrificing our trademark personal service.

Why should I do business with GLOBALnet?

Much of our success can be attributed to the fact that we offer state-of-the-art technology combined with personalized service from our team of knowledgeable consultants. Winners in today's economy provide value to clients through exemplary customer care, advanced technologies and competitive pricing.  We're not one of those fly-by-night companies who make promises they can't keep.  We deliver on our promises.  As a client you will receive:

Advantageous pricing: We understand your hesitancy to risk making changes, especially with the choice of alternative service companies today. However, our combination of competitive price and unbeatable service are unmatched in the industry and we guarantee it.

Latest Technology And Products: GLOBALnet TeleManagement routinely evaluates how you use our services in order to recommend new products and services to ensure that you receive the best 'bang' for your 'buck.' The advantage to this is clear: When was the last time your current long distance or internet company called (knowing that you were their customer) to offer you a better deal?

Superior Care: The representative assigned to your account will be familiar with all aspects of your account.  Superior care means friendly advice regarding new products and services, and immediate one-call resolution of any issue should you ever experience a problem.

"So what do the big companies like AT&T have to say about small companies like GLOBALnet?

Not only do they like us, but they even happily sell to us!

"Now that FCC regulations permit AT&T services to be resold by others--our biggest competitors are resellers. They're good customers and it makes for a healthy industry. Resellers are a good choice for the buying public to evaluate when they make their purchase decisions."
--- Gary Morgenstern, AT&T Media Relations Manager

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P O Box 721 - North Myrtle Beach SC 29597-0721 USA
Telephone: +1 843.663.4200 or Toll-free from North America 1.888.OK.GLOBAL
Fax: +1 206.600.3155 or Toll-free from North America: 1.800.480.2.FAX

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