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Wireless power chips from IDT are designed to provide fast wireless charging by reducing charge times by up to 30 percent.SRU-Electronics is where the world connects.Visitors can also subscribe free of charge to a weekly newsletter to keep up to date.

LG, IDT partner on first Qi EPP wireless charging smartphone

November 08, 2017 // By Jean-Pierre Joosting
LG Electronics (Seoul, South Korea) and Integrated Device Technology (San Jose, CA) have partnered on the first implementation of Qi wireless charging Extended Power Profile (EPP) in a flagship smartphone, the LG V30.

EPP enables safe, wireless fast charging capability while remaining compatible with existing Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Qi 5-W, baseline transmitters commonly used today.

Market-leading wireless power chips from IDT are designed to provide fast wireless charging by reducing charge times by up to 30 percent. The addition of the wireless charging feature contributes to the water-resistance and durability of the sleek, low profile, Qi-certified smartphone design.

The latest flagship smartphone from LG sets a new standard in the evolution of premium smartphones with its offering of optimal multimedia capabilities. The V30 features many industry innovations – the first F1.6 aperture glass Crystal Clear Lens, the first OLED FullVision display, Cine Video mode for producing movie-quality videos, premium sound with advanced Hi-Fi Quad DAC and sound tuning by B&O PLAY.

"With the introduction of the V30, LG has cemented their position as a technology leader in wireless power with the adoption of fast charging based on the extended Qi specification," said Chris Stephens, general manager of IDT's Mobile Power and Sensing Division. "We anticipate that the industry will follow LG's pioneering adoption of the Extended Power Profile specification to increase wireless charging speed."

The IDT wireless power receiver offers best-in-industry integration, efficiency, and footprint. The device is based on a flexible 32-bit ARM® M0 core architecture that has allowed LG to optimize wireless charging performance and charging speed.

"We're again partnering with IDT on the V30 because their technology is second to none when it comes to fast, convenient wireless charging, which is a key feature for many of our premium phone customers," said Ha Jeung-uk, vice president and head of LG Mobile's premium business division. "The ability to charge wirelessly 30 percent faster than before gives the V30 a huge advantage over the competition."


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