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is an e-integrator helping companies and organizations to maximize the potential of web and mobile application in e-business to achieve their goals.

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 1agld1r.gifSRU-Electronics  is an e-integrator helping companies and organizations to maximize the potential of web and mobile application in e-business to achieve their goals.

SRU is a web development agency and e-integrator with offices near Paris
With a team of  full time experts we provide professional web solutions since 1995.

We do this by partnering, tailoring, integrating and coaching

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Korea Startup Ideas Are Changing the World!

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, July 28, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Startups are a global boom, where countless young people start their own businesses with their fresh ideas. We have chosen ten smart devices created with startups’ novel ideas.

Nemonic is a mini printer that prints notes stored in a mobile device or personal computer on sticky notes without using inks or toners. You can print memos and images on your smart phones on sticky notes and duplicate as many copies as you need. All you need is the note papers, with no inks or laser toners. The combination of analogue and digital notes opens possibilities for various applications in office, home, or conference environments.

The iJII social robot serves as a smart home hub powered by the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and cloud. It turns the lights on in the morning, wakes you up, and recognizes your voice and offer you weather, news, cooking recipe and many other information services. When you are away, it patrols around your home and shows your home on your smart phone when unexpected motions are detected. You can also control home appliances away home using your smart phone. When it runs out of power, the robot returns to the home station for automatic charging.

Combination of simple hardware and complicated software to create a whole new mobile controller: the MotionPlay is a ring-size joystick that needs no Bluetooth connections or batteries. Simply clip it onto the edge of your smart phone, and you are ready to fully enjoy games anytime, anywhere without the need to connect the device with your smart phone. One big advantage of this non-circuit-based product is swift response.

The WELT smart belt monitors how you are doing in your daily life and helps you manage your health conditions. On your waist, the WELT automatically measures your abdominal obesity levels, movement patterns, and eating patterns and sends the measured data to the app on your smart phone, based on which it offers you customized health management services. It also measures your waist size, your steps, time spent in the sitting position, and whether you are eating too much. Its battery lasts 30+ days once fully charged on a USB port.

The MEWECLIP is a convenient wearable camera that automatically takes photos at a specified time interval. You can see the photos anywhere on your smart phone, and the chronically-sorted photos are automatically stored in a cloud server. You can also check where a photo was taken on the map, and easily create videos from photos by taking few editing steps to share with your friends or on social networks.

The COWAROBOT R1 is a self-driving smart carrier that always follows you. It detours obstacles in crowed spaces such as airports, and you can find your carrier anywhere in the world with the GPS tracking function. It also offers four USB ports to charge electronics such as smart phones and laptops, and the battery is removable. This carry-in size carrier can climb up on up to 15-degree slopes at a maximum speed of 7.2km/h.

The V-JET allows you to send full HD videos from your TV, PC, smart phone, and projectors to large screens wirelessly. The V-JET eliminates cables by offering wireless connections between, for example, a projector and a screen installed in a wide space such as meeting rooms, lecture rooms, conference halls, or a camera and a monitoring display in a studio or broadcasting station. The biggest advantage is that it needs no bothersome processes to install and setup software.

The Touch Beat drum game kit is a smart drum kit with which you can play the drums as in an actual drum set using conductive drum sticks and a kick pedal specially made for smart devices. It requires no complicated installation processes, and all you need is your tablet or smart phone. It also comes with a training app in the rhythm game format to help you learn how to play the drums in an easy, fun way.

Your smart phone turns to a personal trainer with the Buff-Up smart indoor workout device. You can workout in various ways by combining different modules, and manage your workout timeline on the app. It offers video and audio coaching, counts how many push-ups you do. Hire your smart phone as your personal trainer and workout at home.

The Stigo bike unfolds in only two seconds. It connects with your smart phone on Bluetooth, allowing you to find the location, lock it on and off, and inspect the vehicle status. It supports high speed charging, running 40 kilometers with a two-hour charging. The maximum speed is 25 km/h (statutory limit), and the bike weighs 15.2 kg.

These ten gadgets are the KITAS Top 10 2017 awarded products. The KITAS Top 10 represent innovative smart devices created by startups dedicated to making our daily lives smarter. They will be displayed in the KITAS Top10 Zone at the Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Trade Show 2017, open to media and industry.
The seventh Korea IT Accessory & Smart Device Trade Show (KITAS) will be held in COEX, Seoul, Korea from August 10 to 12 2017 with the banner of “Future Unlimited.” The KITAS 2017 is open free to visitors who register on the KITAS official website by August 9.

<KITAS Overview>
The KITAS is a trade show that specializes in smart devices that are used in connection with smart gadgets. This one-of-its-kind exhibition in Korea was started in July 2012, and the seventh show will be held in August 2017. The first show in 2012 featured 1,000 products by 67 Korean companies, and the sixth in 2016 showcased 2,500 gadgets by 118 companies. The seventh KITAS this year will be focusing on recent talk-of-the-town products in various fields, for example Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart mobility, smart healthcare devices, mobile accessories, and peripheral devices for personal computers.

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