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The goals of the partnership were to reach new readers on mobile and maximise global content distribution

Written by
Sarah Whitney

The Telegraph & Google Play Newsstand

 When The Telegraph wanted to reach new audience on mobile, the UK broadsheet newspaper partnered with Google Play Newsstand, a content distribution channel with particular strength on mobile. With its easy implementation RSS feed based model and growing global audience, Google Play Newsstand proved a perfect fit for The Telegraph. Together they extended the volume of content The Telegraph published to the Play Newsstand platform by adding culture, sports and lifestyle related articles and videos. The Telegraph then drove reach among relevant readers using Play Newsstand to access the brand’s content. The result: over 1 million monthly readers, increased brand visibility and reach grew tremendously.

The goals of the partnership were to reach new readers on mobile and maximise global content distribution. The Telegraph team increased the volume of content provided on the platform by expanding the offering to Sports, Culture, Lifestyle. They also increased quality of in feed images and integrated with DoubleClick For Publishers and Adx to monetise across the platform

“We found Google Play Newsstand to be a great addition to our product portfolio. It’s helped us grow audience, it’s helped us grow our monetisation strategy, so get involved!”

Paul de la Nougerede, Commercial Product Director, The Telegraph

What were the results?  Over one million monthly readers. The audience increased up by 78% and audience reach up by 71%. Brand visibility increased by up to 90% and maximised global content distribution.

"We knew Newsstand had a lot of potential to distribute The Telegraph brand and its quality content to a wider audience. When we started to focus on it properly as a product that we could purposefully grow, we saw almost instantaneous results. We added and rearranged sections and improved the quality of the images. We also started to experiment with branded content campaigns and saw an increase in yield. The app itself was also revamped towards the end of 2016, which improved user journeys and made our content easier to find. This combination of factors saw us surpass a million users in November 2016 and we have stayed around that mark ever since. Year on year our audience went up 78% and brand visibility by 90%. It's been a great example of how a close partnership can blossom and produce such outstanding results in a relatively short amount of time. We look forward to it evolving and our presence on there going from strength to strength in 2017."

Melinda Rogers, Lead Product Manager, The Telegraph

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