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Solutions for Industrial Automation

A wide range of innovative enclosures

Posted on March 26, 2015 - (7225 views)

by Rita Dimartino

 ETA offers its 35 years of experience in manufacturing mild steel enclosure solutions for industrial automation: suite & modular cabinets, monobloc & compact solutions, wall-mounting or terminal boxes, control desks, suspension arm system for operator interface, walkable cable conduit and thermal management.

The cabinet that multiples the solutions - E NUX

E NUX is a complete system of suite cabinets for different applications. On the basis of the same structure - manufactured from HSLA high-strenght low alloy sheet steel and offered in flat-pack (assembly with 8 screws only) or assembled version - many options are available (automation, modular, PC, desk, 19', networking).

In the standard version IP55, in the special configuration with IP>55 or with seismic design, E NUX guarantees great mechanical performance and resistance thanks to the innovative manufacturing concepts.

Offered in more than 90 dimensions, it complies with IEC 61439 - 1/2 (where applicable - certificate CESI A4/510927).

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