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 Welcome to the EcoFirms.org Green Business Directory.

 Feel free to explore the categories below to find green businesses around the world. To add YOUR company and products please click here.

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Arts and Crafts , Baby Products , Bags and Webbing , Biofuel , Body Care , Building Materials , Children Products , Cleaning Products , Clothing , Electrical , Energy Saving , Foods and Drinks , Footwear , Furniture , Gardening Products , Gifts , Hardware Products , Hatwear , Health Products , Household Products , Industrial , Inventions , Jewelry , Music Equipmemnt , Office Supplies , Paper , Pest Control , Pet Products , Purification Products , Recycled


Assessing and Certification , Cleaning , Counselling , Designing , Ecological Farming , Education and Training , Employment and Jobs , Engineering and Planning , Environmental Building , Environmental Consulting , Environmental Labelling , Event Management , Financial and Accountancy , Investigation , Legal Advice , Legislative Actions , Manufacturing and Processing , Marketing and Advertising , Monitoring and Analysis , Printing and Publishing , Recycling and Utilization , Regional Information , Research and Development , Transportation and Packaging , Waste Management


Bed & Breakfast , Bike Rentals , Camps and Camping , Hiking and Climbing , Holidays and Vacations , Learning Vacations , Nature Reserves , Paddling and Rafting , Parks & Public Lands , Resorts , Sailing and Cruises , Scuba Diving , Shelters , Spiritual Retreats , Travel Agents , Trips and Tours , Volunteer Vacations , Wildlife Watching


Air Purification , Alternative Energy , Animal Rights , Biodiversity , Emission Control , Environmental Crime , Forest Preservation , Global Warming , Invasive Species , Land Remediation , Ozone Layer , Permaculture , Pollution Prevention , Recycling , Renewable Energy , Safe Environments , Sustainable Living , Utilization , Wild Life Protection


Activists , Arts and Artists , Books and Magazines , Databases , Festivals and Events , Internet , Journalists and Reporters , Libraries , Projects , Public Speakers , Seminars , TV and Radio


Brokers , Charities , Exporters , Farmers and Growers , Importers , Local Distributors , Manufacturers and Processors , Organizations and Associations , Real Estate Agencies , Retailers


Acupressure , Acupuncture , Aromatherapy , Counselling , Disabilty Care , Fitness , For Children , For Men , For Women , Homeopathy , Massage Therapy , Meditation , New Age , Pilates , Practitioners , Reflexology , Reiki , Spas , Tai Chi , Yoga


Beverages , Diet Supplements , Fruits and Vegetables , Gluten Free , Herbs , Meat Alternatives , Organic Foods , Sweets , Vegan , Vegetarian , Vegetarian Restaurants , Weight Loss


Air , Bamboo , Coir , Compost , Corn , Flax , Grain , Hemp , Jute , Organic Cotton , Other , Rice , Solar , Soya , Waste , Water , Wind

With Market Insights you can select the countries that are most relevant to your market and industry.

 Working worldwide serving your needs->

 Know why, Know who, Know where, Know what. The know how to succeed.

 Advanced Demographics & Interest Insights on Facebook

Are you active in multiple markets? Find out how your target audience changes across markets based on their interests!

You Choose Markets

With Market Insights you can select the countries that are most relevant to your market and industry. Not all countries have the same social media interests, and therefore, different social marketing tactics should be employed per market.

You will be able to do just that. With this invaluable data collection, your company will have the necessary knowledge to execute the most effective social marketing and advertising practices to maximize social media performance.


Understanding social media statistics by gender is important for correctly targeting your marketing messages.

In order to most effectively customize your social media marketing messages, it is critical to understand the interests of each gender by country. Age is also very important.

Interests. Lots of them.

There are a variety of interests to choose from. This is the most critical step for nailing down the market statistics that are most relevant to your industry. With this invaluable knowledge, you can effectively market your products or services that are most relevant to market, gender and interest!

What next? Compare it!

Now you have specified information by country, gender and interest. Thats great! But now it is time to compare this information to other markets! By comparing one market to another, you can gain critical information about different demographic interests by market. This will help you create effective social media campaigns that are targeted to the demands of each market.



About This Web Site

sharing information, knowledge, risks and profits


This web site is a dynamic and comprehensive Knowledge Management information resource for organizations striving to achieve competitive advantage and world-class recognition. The site was built and continues to evolve in the true spirit of Knowledge Management: to share with others and help them succeed.

Collaboration is defined as a way by which companies in a supply chain are actively working together toward common objectives, and is characterized by sharing information, knowledge, risks and profits

This web site is brought to you by:
a Knowledge Management consulting services provider

Your feedback is encouraged and welcome!


Transforming data -> information -> knowledge -> profits.

“To utilize knowledge management synergy
in delivering business solutions that achieve
competitive advantage and world-class recognition."



Create an awareness of knowledge management throughout the organization and facilitate related training.


Develop knowledge management strategic and tactical plans.


Coordinate knowledge management initiatives and direct their implementation, including forming the necessary teams.


Propose recommendations and solutions after analyzing the challenges of the people, the business, and the organization.


Identify new opportunities and strategies based on the current and desired environment and marketplace.


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