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"Where E-Business becomes Your Business", Business Network delivers enterprise business solutions that simplify the way you do business, and empower users to get their jobs done more easily and accurately.Reaching new customers, Expanding offerings,...

"Where E-Business becomes Your Business"

Business Network delivers enterprise business solutions that simplify the way you do business, and empower users to get their jobs done more easily and accurately.

As the technology world's most respected community builder, Business Network brings business and technology executives, managers and teams together for highly productive meetings, group sessions and conferences. The result: collaboration, inspiration and ideas.
"If you need to learn about the survival of your company, start here."Marius Pindra, Global Interface

Imediate benefits of the Business Network for businesses include :
Reaching new customers, Expanding offerings, Extending market reach, Increasing access to current customers,
Solving customer driven need to remove barriers to allow for rapid participation in the global internet economy,
Describing their services and business processes programatically in a single, open, and secure environnement
Using a set of protocols that enable businesses to invoke services over the internet to provide additional value to their preferred customers

The long list of organizations participating in the Business Network represents many industries and core competencies. As such, Business Network  is not owned or led by any one company. Rather, it is currently being guided by a group of committed industry leaders. These leaders are spearheading the initial creation and design efforts. As the site becomes more widely accepted, the list of Community members is expected to grow exponentially.

Visit this site often for additions and updates to these technical materials. Read this information to understand the standard, and how to use the architecture to build your infrastructure to promote and find Internet-based products and services.


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