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PCIM Europe is one of the most leading events combining a user-oriented international conference and exhibition in the field of power electronics, StefandeFrance,SRWeb,RSWebIntelligence,Changes for the Better

1agld1r.gifWelcome to PCIM Europe 2016 Conference

Welcome to PCIM Europe 2016 Conference - PCIM Europe 2016

SRU-Electronics-Competitive Intelligence People, Performance & Pay

The comprehensive conference program with numerous oral and poster sessions as well as seminars and tutorials provides state-of-the-art application know-how on power electronics. Specialists from all over the world will report in first publications on their latest products and applications and will be available for technical discussions. The conference language is English. 
Advisory Board

The conference directors are: 

  • Prof. Leo Lorenz, ECPE, D
  • Jean-Paul Beaudet, Schneider Electric, F
  • Dr. Eric Favre, IMI-Precision Engineering, CH
  • Prof. Johann W. Kolar, ETH Zürich, CH
  • Prof. Philippe Ladoux, University of Toulouse, F
  • Prof. Jose Mario Pacas, University of Siegen, D
  • Prof. Uwe Scheuermann, Semikron Elektronik GmbH, D

Get to know the members...

PCIM Europe Conference Proceedings

Proceedings PCIM Europe       

All papers presented at the PCIM Europe Conference are available as USB flash drive (older editions also as CD-ROM or proceedings). Most of the articles comprises 6 - 10 pages Example. Take advantage of the know how gathered from previous years and presented in the respective annual proceedings.

See the summaries and table of contents for an overview of the articles included.

 Summary Proceedings 2015

Summary Proceedings 2014

Summary Proceedings 2013

Summary Proceedings 2012

Summary Proccedings 2011

Summary Proceedings 2010

Summary Proceedings 2009

Summary Proceedings 2008

Summary Proceedings 2007

Summary Proceedings 2006 

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