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SRU-Electronics(Special Research Unit), sharing information, knowledge, risks and profits, Interactive Business Communities, Participative Transformation, the largest sociotechnical system humankind has ever seen, Beyond Knowledge,Micro-Moments

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SRU-Electronics, (Special Research Unit) for International Research.

An Important Source of Information for Companies Everywhere

Competent, Professional & Multidisciplinary

is an e-integrator helping companies and organizations to maximize the potential of web and mobile application in e-business to achieve their goals.

SRU is a web development agency and e-integrator with offices near Paris.
With a team of  full time experts we provide professional web solutions since 1995.

It's not the amount of information that counts, it's the quality. We want to enable people to make the right business decisions "  Stefan Raducanu, 

Bienvenue !  Bienvenidos !  Welcome !

World platform for the electronics industry.


Global sources in all areas of Electronics  

SRU-Electronics covers the latest news on technologies from semiconductors to EDA tools and includes  special sections in every issue focusing on areas stretching from communications to embedded systems. You can also learn about what's hot in IC design, subsystems, systems design and signals. SRU-Electronics opens doors into not only the vast resources available online today and how to use them efficiently, but also new possibilities for collaboration and communication at both local and global levels. Plus get access to leading opinion from editors, columnists and senior executives in the electronics industry.

We do this by partnering, tailoring, integrating and coaching

Total solution

Full service approach and all the way. SRU provides all the services needed to make your web project a success.

Open source

We believe in the open source development model and open standards. It guarantees absolute freedom and no vendor lock-in.

Cost effective

We use the best of both worlds. We combine custom development with enterprise ready open source solutions.

Tailoring and integration

We deliver fitting solutions, custom development and advanced integration with existing systems.

Knowledge and expertise

We have knowledge and expertise in many domains. Business critical solutions based on internet technology. Cross sector fertilization.

Reliable partner

SRU is a reliable partner who solves problems and cares, advices, executes, maintains and supports. You can count on us!

Quality and compliance

High level of quality services and continuous monitor quality and compliance.

Our missions is to help our clients to use web, mobile and internet technologies to achieve their business goals.

This includes:

  • streamlining e-business processes
  • communicating, collaborating and interacting with their target groups
  • managing operational ICT costs and risks

Our goal is to be the preferred long-term partner for consulting, developing and supporting custom tailored, integrated and business critical internet solutions.
We do this in a professional way with a focus on quality services and quality deliverables.

We do this by:

Coaching and consulting: guiding towards better results

  • Advising in strategic choices, holistic approach, understanding your business
  • Shaping up the usage process, bringing out full benefits
  • Breaking new ground, innovation and new technologies

Tailoring: delivery and integration of fitting solutions

  • Right product at the right time, rich portfolio of flexible solutions
  • Developing, integrating and maintaining custom made solutions
  • Combining carefully selected enterprise ready open source solutions with custom development.


  • A caring partner who solves problems and takes your worries away.
  • A value adding partner who provides a total solution, understands your business and co-innovates.
  • A reliable long term partner you can count on for continuity, availability, security.

Areas of expertise:

Communication & interactive marketing:

Maximizing the use of internet channels (web, mobile, mail, sms) to interact with target groups.


Developing, integrating and maintaining custom tailored business-critical applications based on open source internet technologies.

Mobile applications:

Expertise in user friendly, secure and compliant EDC web and mobile applications.

Managed IT services:

Full managed IT services with a focus on continuity, availability, integrity and security.

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People, Performance & Pay. Contact facilitator at the heart of Business.

 Data Beyond Borders, Research Center.

Reach 5 Million People With One Click, your first and best source for all of the information you're looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, ..."If Opportunity doesn't knock, build a door", Milton Berle


Brand an online multimedia newsroom, hosted by FwContentWorks, including your corporate logo, event details, press releases, photos and videos.

Take advantage of content placement on major media portals.

Sru Consulting.gifAbout SRU-Electronics

It's all about innovation. It's all about competition. It's all about productivity, efficiency and success.

Need facts to back up proposals? Need insights to bolster your argument? Need data to deliver the products?
The SRU services can meet those needs and more with unparalleled breadth of content,personnalized service,and customer-friendly choices for access,delivery and pricing.
So no matter what's on your competitive horizon-an international merger or IPO,a branding campain or purchase contact.
SRU will keep you ahead of the pack. Make your web site working with ...



At the core of performance

Participative Transformation

Imagine all the people sharing all the world,

sharing information, knowledge, risks and profits


1agld1r.gifAvec notre base de données 2T , valorisez votre capital data en toute confiance 

Un humain moyen + une machine moyenne + un bon processus

est supérieur à

un super ordinateur

qui est lui-même supérieur à

un humain expert + une machine + un mauvais processus.

On observe que ce n’est pas le super ordinateur qui gagne. Ce n’est pas non plus l’expert. Au contraire, ce qui fait la différence, c’est le processus, c’est à dire la façon dont l’humain moyen doté d’une machine moyenne utilise cette dernière. Ce qui fait la différence, c’est donc la façon d’utiliser l’informatique, pas l’informatique elle-même, si puissante soit-elle.

"Rechercher en permanence ce que les hommes font de meilleur et puis essayer d'intégrer ces choses dans ce que vous faites. Steve Jobs-Apple

Des connaissances partagées sur le Web ouvert

Native advertising

FWContentWorks creates multiformat custom content and distributes that content through native advertising on our own digital properties and across our nationwide network of local member news websites. Your branded content will be adapted to the look and function of the surrounding content and served directly in each site or application’s editorial feed.

USE  FranceWeb,e-GlobalNetWork® TO YOUR ADVANTAGE

Global4.gifConnect, share and meet those who are right next door. Let your inerests be known and discover the profiles of your neighbors.foule.jpg

SRU accompanies you during each trip to make it better and enriched with encounters and exchanges. For each stay within the SRU network, meet and share with people staying there.

Let  your interests be known and discover the profiles of your neighbors.

1agld1r.gifSRU is a matching platform to help you enjoy your stay in the Network in a a different way.globalpartnersnetwork - Copie.jpg

SRU-Electronics is the legitimate strategic and tactical research and analysis designed to identify threats and opportunities.

Gravitation Towards Online, Searchable Information

Competitor Intelligence

Knowledge and Experience

At SRU, we have built our business around knowledge and experience and our ‘b2b focus’ has given us insights and intelligence from which your business can greatly benefit.

Please take your time to look around our website where you will find evidence of that knowledge and experience through our many publications and cases histories. 

Quite simply, we have carried out more business to business market research studies than any other company in the world – ever. We hope you agree that our understanding in business to business markets goes beyond knowledge, truly setting us apart.

Competitive Intelligence

Make competitive intelligence part of your business practice and be on the cutting edge

Competitive intelligence is the art of defining, gathering, analyzing, and distributing intelligence about products, customers, competitors, individuals, concepts, information, ideas, or data needed to support executives and managers in making strategic decisions for an organization. Competitive Intelligence For You introduces you to this fascinating subject and gives you the tools you need to incorporate it into your business decision–making process

Today, competitive information is more readily available than ever before. You can find endless information online in an instant. Yet the information that is most valuable to you and your business cannot be found on a Google search. Acquiring this information requires a lot more intelligence.

Research Focus

Community informatics, in particular the relationship between social networks, social capital, and the use of information and communications technology in low-income communities; public libraries as public computing places.

Computer-supported cooperative work; collaborative technologies in digital libraries and museums; user interface design and evaluation; open-source usability; information visualization; ubiquitous learning, social learning of technology, rapid prototyping and evaluation.

Promote Knowledge Capture, Knowledge Sharing, and Community Interaction on the SRU

R&D planning and customized knowledge mentoring

We support in comprehensive R&D planning to commercialize successfully in a market by providing various activities including multi-dimensional analysis of technological and market environments, planning for technology development, and establishment of a strategy for commercialization. In addition, the KISTI Mentor Group comprised of experienced professional information analysts provides knowledge and information that meets various needs of small and by medium-sized enterprises.

Global technology commercialization

We help small and by medium-sized enterprises to enter global market and to transfer their technologies by identifying and providing potential overseas clients based on in-depth analysis of overseas technology markets. We also host the ‘France-China Technology Transfer Fair’ annually to promote technology exchanges.

The Technology Innovation Analysis Center provides a comprehensive range of support services that include discovery of emerging technologies, R&D planning, technology roadmap, global technology commercialization, and customized knowledge mentoring to small and by medium-sized enterprises with various analysis tools and infrastructures in SRU to enter new promising markets.

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For Competitive Intelligence Solutions that give your business the competitive edge

The right strategy, the right solutions

Our bespoke Competitive Business Intelligence Research can help give you the edge in a global marketplace, empowering your business to overcome industry challenges quickly and effectively, and enabling you to realise your potential and achieve your vision.

Information is everywhere. Intelligence is harder to come by

From strategic overviews of your business’s competitive environment through to specific competitor profiles, B2B International’s tailored Competitive Intelligence Research is designed to meet your unique needs and include:

  • Press analysis - using news aggregators, databases and journal subscriptions
  • Competitor pricing research
  • Competitor interviews
  • Customer interviews
  • Interviews with suppliers, distributors, associations, and other high-level industry experts

Rehearsing The Future – Making Better Strategic Decisions

Before developing a strategy, organisations need to analyse and understand their environment, both as it is now and as it will be. The major focus of strategic decision-making is how best to ensure a fit between the organisation and its environment. However that fit is not static and the task is to look at likely changes in the environment.

BI Intelligence, a research service from SRU-Electronics, brings you and your team business intelligence for the digital age. Our research is fast and nimble, reflecting the speed of change in today's business. We give you actionable insights that enable smarter and better informed decision making.

To grow as a unified team, the SRU team shares common core values upholding the company's reputation for excellence in quality and service.

The Invisible Key to Success

Key Management Ideas

New Skills for the new world....

information search,conceptual flexibility,manage on international scale,respond to multiple sources of authority,combine a variety of leadership and team roles,act strategically,utilize technology,comminicate externally,manage cultural diversity
establish, reinforce, and develop values,distill complex flows of information,managing change, from change to transformation

Talk of ideas such as empowerment, globalization, process re-engineering and innovation can mean little to many managers. You do not have the time or the budget to keep up with every management development and every new initiative.

Key ideas covered include:
the new world of management and organization
creating and implementing strategy
new ways of managing people and leadership
the quality revolution
re-inventing marketing
learning and development

 "Community of Practice (CoP)"

Managers and Entrepreneurs 

business,management,ideas,leadership,globalization,key, empowerment, content, initiative ,innovation, guidance,concept,quality,revolution,world,people,organization,perfprmances,knowledge,techniques,advice,methods,information,efficiently,databases,libraries,on-line,services,consulting ...


Research Starts Here
FranceWeb,e-GlobalNetWork®  Best French Blogs

 Our passion is delighting customers and users with our technology.

Our mission is to maximize mobility, connectivity and business productivity.

GlobalPartnersNetwork networks internationally with start-ups, researchers, designers, students and social innovators, as well as with major corporations and public institutions, in order to accelerate innovative projects and facilitate open innovation


"SRU-Electronics is an impressive research portal that also provides an interactive component that draws from both social media and knowledge management processes."

Learn, Meet, Discover, Exchange, Collaborate, Connect, Anywhere, Anytime, Any device, the people..by the people, everything

Our events provide you with laser focused content, unique experiences, access to people & ideas that create innovation, relevant connections, & generate business.

Our vision has always been making the eco-system safe, compliant and sustainable for consumers, publishers and advertisers. We helped the online advertising industry take a big step towards that direction by identifying, measuring, and solving many of its unseen hurdles inhibiting that. We brought traffic clarity to an amazing roster of clients, with our findings becoming an industry standard.



At the core of performance

Participative Transformation

sharing information, knowledge, risks and profits

Interactive Business Communities

ProjectWebCitizens, ContentWorks

is the content marketing service of FranceWebeGlobalNetWork, the essential global news network. The ContentWorks team helps companies increase brand awareness, enhance consumer engagement and drive sales and audience acquisition. Leverage the expertise and capabilities of FWContentWorks to create multiformat custom content, deliver that content to your audience and amplify your message through our direct-to-consumer advertising and social channels.

Today’s brands compete with new technologies, empowered consumers, shifting public attitudes, brand new contenders and much more. Creating leading strategies and powerful ideas that allow our clients’ brands to become unique, irreplaceable, in control and ahead is our purpose. In our network, we all share a common ambition: help our clients and their brands to be and remain the leaders they want to be, to Lead The Change

USE  FranceWeb,e-GlobalNetWork® TO YOUR ADVANTAGE

Before the Internet became popular, associations were the primary resource for businesspeople to gain industry insight. Now, as the Web gives your members access to unlimited sources, has your position as the "first source to turn to" been eroded? How do you provide continuing value to your members in the fast-paced Information Age and regain your association's position of authority and leadership?

FranceWeb,e-GlobalNetWork® is the largest sociotechnical system humankind has ever seen. It has changed the way we interact, learn and innovate. Almost daily it appears to change, improve and increase its hold on us.In fact , it has been created for anyone interested in virtual worlds and social networks whether commercialy, because you want to explore the possibilities such environments present, or for academic curiosity. It is the result of a major collaborative effort by members of the same business faculty, to identify and define solutions for the most frequently occuring issues and problems for small, medium and large businesses as well as for non-profit organisations.


With prospective members having more choices of associations to join (and less corporate budget to do so) and businesses carefully examining other solutions for their employees' professional growth, what compels someone to become a member of your association?

The most successful associations and professional societies inevitably are the ones that make a difference in their members' careers and businesses. Not the ones with the prettiest Web sites or the glossiest publications or the biggest annual conferences. The ones that make a difference.

In the 21st century, when the business climate turns on a dime, businesspeople need to be able to anticipate and move just as quickly. Information -- specifically, industry intelligence -- is key.

By making targeted, handcrafted, relevant newsfeeds a vital part of your member-support system, prospective members have a unique, vital and timely reason to affiliate with your association. You can make a difference for them, and that's exactly the reason to join a professional or industry association.

Help your members sift through all the news available and identify the valuable nuggets for them -- by providing an electronic industry news service, delivered by E-mail and posted on your association Web site.

And help your association regain its position as THE source to turn to.

Information Specifically, timely, industry-specific news about your association's business, from thousands of print and online sources.

Readers will be able to quickly locate, understand and use a specific tool or technique to solve a problem, rather than having to uncover a decision making tool buried within a textbook.


One of your goals as a member-based association is to be useful and relevant to your membership. Typically members are most interested in things that will advance their positions within your industry.

Custom, handcrafted news briefings directly fill that need. Help your members:

  • Remain abreast of current industry events,
  • Anticipate developing trends, and
  • Take advantage of the quickening pace of business.

In the 21st century, information is the key to success, and nothing is less useful than outdated news.

SRU-Electronics's custom news briefings can be hand-tailored to whatever your needs might be multiple feeds throughout the day, morning or afternoon feeds, weekly, whatever your needs and budget require.

Turn Strategy into Action, to deliver to add value for best results

SRU-Electronics reframes organisation culture to bridge the divide and improve results

Business educators, researchers and senior executives responsible for strategy, particularly in high-tech industries, will find insight and ideas to tackle market and business discontinuities on the 21st century.

 1341760684876.jpgThis web site is a dynamic and comprehensive Knowledge Management information resource for organizations striving to achieve competitive advantage and world-class recognition. The site was built and continues to evolve in the true spirit of Knowledge Management: to share with others and help them succeed.

Collaboration is defined as a way by which companies in a supply chain are actively working together toward common objectives, and is characterized by sharing information, knowledge, risks and profits 

This web site is brought to you by:


a Knowledge Management consulting services provider

Hello and welcome again to SRU-Links. SRU-Links is a business idea to support the SRUprofessional by offering affordable web solutions. We have over two decades experience in the Business as well as the same amount in the computer industry. We believe in providing valuable services and support to the Electronics industry. Please review the links below for more information.

Your feedback is encouraged and welcome!


Transforming data -> information -> knowledge -> profits.

“To utilize knowledge management synergy
in delivering business solutions that achieve
competitive advantage and world-class recognition."


Serving our country, our partners, our community, and each other


Building trust through intellectual honesty, ethical conduct, and individual responsibility


Collaborating with colleagues and partners, respecting diverse opinions and backgrounds, vigorously debating alternatives, and coming together to achieve the best solutions


Ensuring timely mission execution through scientific, operational, and business excellence


Create an awareness of knowledge management throughout the organization and facilitate related training.


Develop knowledge management strategic and tactical plans.


Coordinate knowledge management initiatives and direct their implementation, including forming the necessary teams.


Propose recommendations and solutions after analyzing the challenges of the people, the business, and the organization.


Identify new opportunities and strategies based on the current and desired environment and marketplace.

 "The modern worker is no longer tethered to their desk, nor dependent on company-issued devices and applications to be productive. People are demanding simple, secure solutions that free them to work from virtually anywhere on virtually any device using the applications that best meet their needs," said Stefan Raducanu, SRU-Electronics CEO. "And at the same time, IT succeeds by keeping up with and supporting this shift toward employee-introduced technology. SRU-Electronics offers solutions for both sides of this equation."

Digital Services that Deliver

Content is at our core, but many of our clients use Content Solutions in combination with our other products and services.

Custom Content

Need website content? Or content for your email or other marketing efforts? Don’t have time to write and edit content? Our team of expert writers can create a solution tailored to your business needs.

Content Marketing

Every business has a story to tell. We can help you tell your story by crafting the right message and distributing it on our local website. Our unrivaled local market reach is the best way for you to talk to potential customers.

Email Marketing

We love email and we think it can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes. Our team starts with customer personas and we build out a content strategy tailored to engage and drive results.

Social Media

We can help you harness the power of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other popular channels. Many of our clients hire us to run their social marketing program, trusting in our best-practices ethics.

Do you have a proposal for us ?


Stefan Raducanu
+33 (0)1 39 65 50 34



Creative and energized leader that has delivered innovative technology-based business solutions for 25 years to the electronics services industry  and for 10 years to the telecommunications industry.4 Patents.


Proven hands-on management and individual contributor experience that includes all aspects of a full-service environment and spans analysis, design, development, operations, and end-user support.


Developed and actively enhances the http://e-globalnews.20minutes-blogs.fr/ web site, a comprehensive Knowledge Management information resource  for organizations striving to achieve competitive advantage and world-class recognition.

 Provide consulting and exchange information and ideas in order to find common e-business opportunities

SRU-Electronics conducts research, development and demonstration (RD&D) relating to the generation, delivery and use of knoledge for the benefit of the public. An independent, nonprofit organization, we bring together scientists and engineers as well as experts from academia and the industry to help address challenges in knoledge.

Our work spans nearly every area of knoledge  generation, delivery and use, management and environmental responsibility. We provide both short- and long-term solutions in these research areas for the electronics industry, its customers and society. The depth and breadth of our work is outlined in our archive containing 8.386.920 articles .

 Know why, Know who, Know where, Know what.

It's not the amount of information that counts, it's the quality. We want to enable people to make the right business decisions "  Stefan Raducanu, 

Bienvenue !  Bienvenidos !  Welcome !

World platform for the electronics industry.


Global sources in all areas of Electronics  

SRU-Electronics covers the latest news on technologies from semiconductors to EDA tools and includes  special sections in every issue focusing on areas stretching from communications to embedded systems. You can also learn about what's hot in IC design, subsystems, systems design and signals. SRU-Electronics opens doors into not only the vast resources available online today and how to use them efficiently, but also new possibilities for collaboration and communication at both local and global levels. Plus get access to leading opinion from editors, columnists and senior executives in the electronics industry.

As the technology world's most respected community , Electronics brings business and technology executives, managers and teams together for highly productive meetings, group sessions and conferences. The result : collaboration, inspiration and ideas!


Mobile has forever changed what we expect of brands. It's fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real-time, intent-driven micro-moments. Each is a critical opportunity for brands to shape our decisions and preferences. After analyzing data, researching and talking to real people, we have some insights to share.

New to micro-moments? Learn more with an overview of this new consumer behavior.

Au 21e siècle, l'information est la clé du succès, et rien n'est moins utile que les nouvelles à jour.

SRU-Electronics, est un portail au service des ingénieurs, chercheurs, enseignants, décideurs techniques et économiques. Tout ingénieur, tout chercheur, tout enseignant utilise quotidiennement et souvent simultanément les technologies de l'électricité, de l'électronique, du contrôle-commande, de la communication, de l'information. Savoir oû celles-ci en sont, quelles seront leurs évolutions, quelles peuvent être leurs applications, valorise son action et contribue à son efficacité. Quotidien d'information à leur service, SRU leur propose un état de l'art réguliérement renouvelé sur l'ensemble de ces technologies, établi par des confréres qui ont les connues, développées ou utilisées. Cette information de haut niveau est complétée par des rubriques d'actualité sur la vie des entreprises et des laboratoires de ces secteurs, sur les manifestations, les publications, la formation, la normalisation, les nouveaux produits. SRU-Electronics est ainsi un outil de connaissance, de réflexion, d'échange, nécessaire à tous ceux qui veulent insérer leur vie professionnelle d'ingénieur, de chercheur, d'enseignant, de décideur dans la réalité technique et industrielle la plus récente.

Stefan Raducanu - Administrator

What's more

SRU-Small Business Network provides you with a collection of powerful, interactive tools to enhance your presence on the Web. Plus it's free.

Gone forever is the dull, useless site that does nothing for your business. Start working smart on the Web with SRU

Do you have important news to share with the world ?

A Press release  announces your latest  accomplishments, product launches and news while bringing inquiries about and potential sales of your products.

Join the SRU-Small Business Network for Total Web Site Enhancement.

Not just Internet strategies. Web solutions.

"In that model, NEWSCENTER Navigator become platforms for the technology to use their services," Stefan said, "to build businesses on top of them, and also to interlink — hyperlink — all of the different information sources that end users will take."

To move themselves forward, he said, newspapers will have to get used to the idea that they are not just generators of trusted, professional content, but also aggregators of the new kinds of information the Web has enabled — collectively edited knowledge structures such as Wikipedia, and user-generated information in the form of blogs, images and online video.

"Innovation is bizarre because it's very difficult to centrally plan," he said. "But you can architect a structure where innovation is welcome, and where it's taken advantage of."

"We need to reinvent the way the Web delivers this content," he said, "so that you can have the kind of experience, when people are wandering around with their phone and so forth, that you can have with a printed magazine.

"From my perspective, the online experience can be thought of as terrible compared to what I view as this wonderful experience with magazines and newspapers."

Perhaps not surprisingly for the leader of one of the most inventive technology companies of the 21st century, Stefan's prescription for newspapers — an industry that has struggled to escape a dying, century-old business model — is innovation.

"One of the fundamental problems with the Internet is that it doesn't respect traditional scarcity structures. It's very hard to hold information back." To create value from content that can be difficult to control, he said, "We think the answer is advertising."

Pourquoi France Web

En faire plus pour vous,
c'est avant tout répondre à vos attentes.

Communiquer dans un contexte International

FranceWeb, votre partenaire pour développer votre communication.pdf

Transmettre les connaissances aux utilisateurs

Famille d'Entreprises,Réseau Internet Interactif

 Know why, Know who, Know where, Know what. The know how to succeed.

FranceWeb, Pour Vous et avec Vous!

Grâce à notre réseau local et international, nous sommes à vos côtés à chaque étape de votre développement !

France Web : "processeur d'information" - "processeur de connaissance"

Le site vous permet de vous inscrire pour être averti de la publication de tous les nouveaux articles par la Newsletter



Les  Sites FranceWeb, Portails et outils de collaboration
FranceWeb,e-GlobalNetWork®  Best French Blogs

Plates-formes collaboratives pour nourrir la connaissance, la productivité et l'innovation

Services uniques à la pointe pour que vous soyez plus compétitif.

Regardez nos meilleures offres ci-dessous dans votre poche


Yvelines Département Connecté

IledeFrance RégionConnectée


Famille d'Entreprises



World News Center

Web Collection

Web Gallery

Il ne suffit pas de savoir, il faut aussi être connecté

Pour mieux vous impliquer, restez connecté.

C'est FranceWeb et ça se voit !

Ses technologies permettent de relier l'nformatique à ses utilisateurs. Ce sont des solutions à forte valeur ajoutée qui permettent aux employés, aux partenaires et aux fournisseurs d'interagir entre eux, d'optimiser et de conserver leur savoir, tout en réduisant de manière significative la mise sur le marché, la complexité opérationnelle et de manière générale, les coûts.

"Il est plus difficile de trover une entreprise, produit, service, solution entre 10 millions qu'en 10".

Améliorez la visibilité de votre entreprise

Boostez votre image et votre visibilité

Enregistrez votre entreprise

Optez pour le sur-mesure !


 Communiquez, ciblez, vendez par référencement géographique


 Des fonctionnalités conçues pour votre efficacité


Nous déterminons ensemble votre stratégie de référencement

 Nous pouvons rédiger, optimiser les textes écrits tant du point de vue de l'internaute que du moteur de recherche.Nous vous permettons un gain de temps grâce à une méthodologie claire. Solutions Newsletter, smartphone...

La première porte d'accès au monde collaboratif.

L'entreprise relationnelle..Développement, hébergement, marketing participatif, web design

Profitez de notre innovation

 Maillage transverse des pages, Réponse pertinente aux moteurs de recherche, Pages intelligentes

Accessibilité renforcée, Suggestion de mot clés, Compréhension du champ sémantique, Coach Proactif

Quels que soient vos besoins nous vous accompagnons dans la réussite de votre référencement naturel.

FranceWeb facilite la réalisation de vos projets et vous aide à construire votre avenir. Internet est un canal privilègié et ciblé pour acquérir de nouveaux clients. Améliorez la présentation de vos produits, rendez-les attrayants, indiquez vos prix. Des visiteurs c'est bien, des clients c'est mieux.

Parce qu'une annonce efficace est une annonce bien rédigée, contactez votre conseller : il saura vous guider et vous proposerle juste prix pour votre annonce.

Partageons le goût de l’exception et de la rareté avec des milliers d’internautes sélectionnés parmi lesparticuliers, professionnels et entreprises

1agld1r.gifFranceWeb Diaporama 

Bonheur SRU-Electronics Entreprises Gallery
PoissyWeb Ile de France World Yvelines

 Pour un conseil ou une commande appelez-nous au

01 39 65 50 34 ou par mail: franceweb@gmail.com

L'actualité internationale s'ouvre à vous en temps réel sur votre smartphone

Chez FranceWeb , nous sommes convaincus qu'il y a une vie après l'ordinateur tel que nous le connaissons, qu'il existe des objets sans PC, capables de diffuser de l'information différemment, grâce à Internet.

Pour le démontrer, FranceWeb , a créé NewsCenter, ODP (On-Device Portal),  un compagnon connecté à l'Internet, capable de véhiculer en permanence des flux d'information de manière non intrusive.

L'objectif est de donner aux mobinauts l'accès à l'information en temps réel. C'est l'actualité du monde dans votre poche !

L'accès à l'information en situation de mobilité.

L'Annuaire de la Presse Mondiale est un bouquet de plusieurs milliers de journaux et médias, on-line, sélectionnés et lisibles en 139 langues et dialectes, classés par continents et par pays.

La pertinence de son contenu et la facilité de l’accès à l’information font du

NewsCenter un produit unique et exceptionnel

NewsCenter permet à l’utilisateur quel que soit le lieu, quelle que soit sa nationalité, en 3 clics, sans utiliser le clavier, de trouver l’information au bout des doigts, ( journaux, magazines, radios, TV ), dans sa langue d’origine et de gagner du temps par la rapidité d'accès à la source du jour.

L’originalité consiste dans la sélection des médias en : allemand, anglais, arabe, chinois, espagnol, français, italien, néerlandais, portugais, russe.

NewsCenter réunit à la fois les fonctions classiques d'index, de répertoire, de banque d'information, de guide de navigation sur le Web.

Industry Links

- American National Standards Institute
- American Society for Testing and Materials
- Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC)
- ASTM European Office
- Battery Council International
- BatteryPowerOnline
- British Standards Institution
- Canadian Standards Association
- Components, Packaging, & Manufacturing Technology (CPMT) Society
- The Consumer Electronics Association
- Defense Supply Center Columbus
- EU Soldertec project updates
- European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC)
- European Committee for Standardization
- European Organization for Conformity Assessment
- European Portable Battery Association (EPBA)
- European Telecommunications Standards Institute
- Fabless Semiconductor Association
- Federal Communications Commission
- Federation of the Electronics Industry
- German Standardization Institute
- HDP User Group International, Inc.
- IEEE EMC Society
- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
- Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers:UK
- International Electrotechnical Commission
- International Microelectronics and Packaging Society
- International Standards Organization
- International Telecommunications Union
- Joint Pollution Group - a partnership between the Military Services, NASA, and DCMA (Defense Contract Management Agency)
- National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers
- National Electronic Distributors Association (NEDA)
- The National Institute of Standards initiative
- National Institute of Standards and Technology
- The National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI) presentation
- Online ordering service for industry standards
- PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group
- Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International
- Society for Automotive Engineers
- Standards Association of Australia
- Thermal Engineering Associates
- Thermal Engineering Associates
- Underwriters Laboratories
- Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker e.V. (VDE)

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