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Stefan de France & SRU-Electronics, FranceWebSharing, Is Big Data overwhelming you? It's Time To Leverage, Your Information Assets

PoissyWebSmartCity, It's Time To Leverage, Your Information Assets with Stefan de France,SRU-Electronics & FranceWebSharing, IT project management and consulting, Metadata creation and enhancement, Data capture and conversion,taxonomy, thesaurus...

Cutting-Edge Technology Services

If you want to add value to your institutional knowledge base, improve data conversion, document retrieval, content classification, search design, display, and portability of your information assets, Access Innovations has what you need.

Every information management project is unique, so we prepare custom guidelines for each client’s project. Our services include design, construction, and maintenance of databases, taxonomy construction, metadata planning, and content management–just to name a few. Quality control is performed throughout the production cycle. With a customized composition of Data Harmony software products, you can create and manage your content management project in-house, or our staff of editors can build the project for you.

Our services include:

  • Metadata creation and enhancement
  • Semantic enrichment
  • IT project management and consulting
  • Automated indexing services
  • Taxonomy, thesaurus development services
  • Data capture and conversion
  • Document analysis and conversion
  • Image processing and indexing
  • Database design, construction, and maintenance
  • Document abstracting and indexing
  • Text, image, and database markup for intranets or web – HTML / XML / XHTML / SGML
  • Scientific classification and uniform content categorization
  • Library information storage and retrieval systems
  • Information standards compliance consulting (ANSI/NISO Z39.19, ISO, W3C, MARC 21)


Is Big Data overwhelming you?

Let us show you some of our tried and trusted solutions for content management that will allow you to easily and efficiently manage and leverage your information assets.  After all, semantically enriched data is more findable, discoverable, and saves you time and money. Improve your search’s precision and recall, make documents easier to find and understand, and streamline your editorial and business workflows–all with cleaner, well-formed data.


Taxonomy Services
Leverage your information assets with a controlled vocabulary and hierarchical structure


Author & Affiliations Disambiguation
Identify who publishes from which institution about given topics quickly and efficiently



Web Services
Leverage your taxonomy on the web in search interfaces


Author Submission Services
Manage submissions and identify potential reviewers based on content in one quick-and-easy step

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