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Media and publishing brands rank near the top of a long list of industries that have faced substantial disruption in the digital era. These companies have had to contend with the same sorts of issues faced by other industries—including the ever-increasing use of online distribution methods for accessing content, the proliferation of digital devices, the introduction of new pay models (subscription, transactional, ad-supported, pay walls, etc.), and the growing popularity of short-form and multimedia content.

In addition, media companies have had to negotiate a profound shift in the relationship between provider and consumer. In the pre-digital days, consumers seemed happy to leave the task of curating content entirely to the experts, with media companies deciding what consumers need to know, and how to package that content in ways that would be most compelling. Today, with nearly unlimited choice and unlimited access alternatives, consumers are just as likely (and just as happy) to curate their own content in ways that best fit their needs. Even the very definition of media content has undergone profound change, as professional journalism competes with blogs, crowd-sourced stories, and social media commentary vying for consumers’ attention.

Our goal at Hub is to help media companies navigate this new era by exploring how consumers find, choose, consume, and pay for media content. Our clients include leading firms in the media and publishing industries. We identify the biggest risks, the most promising opportunities, and the shortest path to success in this new environment.

20150119_111633.jpg1agld1r.gifUse the "who,what and why" of mobile app usage



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