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An island for optimists only (Gran Canaria contains a continent in miniature)

An unexplainable phenomenon is taking place in Gran Canaria. Scientists from all over the world have starting studying a strange occurrence. The round island is drawing in more and more optimistic people every year. Numbers are rising. And then some. 

Gran Canaria

Just why is there such a concentration of happy people at this very point in the ocean? Levels of optimism might be up because of the great climate. Or maybe the reason is the special make up of the island: its very own light sun milkshake, layered with beaches and mixed with a juice of high mountains and sea beds stuffed with life. 

This great combination has drawn an unexpectedly high number of hyperactive sportsmen and women. People who come to try their hand at surfingdiving, or climbing, or hiking among the royal paths that wind their way around the mountainous interior, creating a puzzle of ever-changing landscapes.

Although the reason for explaining such a high rate of laughter might be hidden just below the current of optimism inherent on the island. A current drifting in off the ocean that forces people out of their armchairs and onto the streets for long periods at a time. A packed summer full of fireworks, Sunday dances, splashing around in the mud, branches that almost dance on their own, almond festivals and night time fire-eaters. 

Perhaps this bubbly optimism gifted to us by the sea gets us out of the house to pack out the terrace bars. Perhaps this is the engine that gets even the shyest feet onto the dance floor, and gets conversations going as night falls. But hey!, don’t be deceived, Gran Canaria isn’t just for laughs, it also hides a treasure map that is borne out of its situation as a cross roads. 

This is because the island has always been a stop off point for people coming and going from all over the planet. The last European port before opening the doors to the ocean. It just so happened that different influences from all over the world left their mark on Gran Canaria, either in the narrow streets in little towns and villages tucked away, in stately houses, or in the capital’s port area, where a strange mixture of aromas simmer gently in the air, a reflection of the many colours and cultures of times gone by, a legacy left by the ancient travellers.

For over five centuries travellers have exclaimed time and again: “This shouldn’t be here!”. You shouldn’t bump into a neogothic church in the middle of banana plantations, or discover the remains of a prehispanic city just a stone’s throw away from the local market, or come across a Genoa sailor as you come round the corner. “This shouldn’t be here, it just doesn’t make sense”.

But it does make sense, because the spaces around the frontiers have their own rules. Oh, logic! If it was down to logic, nobody would find the reason for such a current of optimism that washes over the island, twelve months a year! 

Experts say there is too much laughter travelling into Gran Canaria. And for this reason they have decided to move over here for a while to do a field study during the day, and oh, during the night, quite a diverse study in fact. Don’t expect immediate results.

FranceWebSharing>La GranCanaria, l'ile ronde au climat éternellement chaud, aux contrastes et aux plages de sable blond.

FranceWebAsso avec Stefan V.Raducanu, Mon bonheur, Le Jardin de Délices, Hotel Parque Tropical, Gran Canaria, Espagna, Emplacement Privilégie, 221 chambres doubles et 14 individuelles décorées dans le style castillan, excellente cuisine traditionnelle

Authors: StefanV.Raducanu
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