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Galaxy S3 Vs iPhone 5: Samsung's Attack on Apple in ‘Genius' Ad Intensifies Smartphone Battle

Reported by IBTimes
Samsung and Apple rivalry is like a fairy tale that even schools kids in this day and age can remember and recite. Now, it seems that this antagonism has gone to new heights with the Korean titan's soon-to-be-released ad clearly challenging Apple's new creation - iPhone 5. »more

3ARWD1.GIF VIDEO: Steve Jobs introducing the original iPhone five years ago

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International Day of Democracy – "We must not take democracy for granted"

Article - Fundamental rights 15-09-2012 - 08:00
Inter-Parliamentary Union's poster on the International Day of Democracy  

The International Day of Democracy is celebrated on 15 September, which also serves as a reminder that it is as important as ever to promote and protect democracy. EP president Martin Schulz said: "We should remember that democracy thrives on participation and is threatened by apathy, fear and intolerance as much as it may be by economic challenges. We must not take democracy for granted."


Ten things we learnt in the September plenary

Article - Institutions 14-09-2012 - 12:29 Update
José Manuel Barroso on his way to the Chamber  

Commission president José Manuel Barroso called for the EU to become a "federation of nation states" and announced a blueprint for deeper economic and monetary union during his state of the union address at the European Parliament. During September's plenary session MEPs also approved an energy efficiency directive and backed minimum rights for crime victims across the EU. Read about these and other subjects dealt with during the plenary.


Barroso vs public opinion: much closer than you might think

Article - Institutions 13-09-2012 - 16:26
José Manuel Barroso  

An elected Commission president is what José Manuel Barroso, the current post holder, called for in his State of the Union speech in plenary on 12 September. This is something that MEPs have long argued for and in a recent Eurobarometer survey published by Parliament, 54% of those asked said they would be more interested in voting in the European elections if political groups presented candidates for the position of Commission president. How in tune with citizens is the current president?


Distilbène, Mediator, Isomeride: they are all drugs once sold legally in Europe but now believed to have provoked serious side effects including hundreds of deaths. An urgent review of medicine monitoring systems in the EU is essential according to MEPs who voted in favour of a report on this by MEP Linda McAvan on 11 September.


Newshub: what MEPs had to say about the State of the Union address

Article - Institutions / Information / Economic and monetary affairs 12-09-2012 - 17:09
MEPs tweeting about state on the union address  

When Commission president José Manuel Barroso laid out plans for a federation of nation states and deeper fiscal and economic integration in his annual State of the Union address, he did not have to wait long to see what MEPs thought. From the moment he began to speak, MEPs started tweeting. Check out some of the things MEPs said, as gathered on the Parliament's Newshub.


Finding a good home for orphan works online

Article - Culture / Information society 12-09-2012 - 15:16

“Orphan works” has little to do with parentless children such as Oliver Twist but everything with copyrighted works of art such as films, novels and photos whose rights holder cannot be found. The Parliament and the Council concluded in June an informal deal to make these materials available online for non-profit purposes. This was approved by the EP on 13 September.

Andreas Mavroyiannis (top) and Giovanni La Via (bottom)  

MEPs have hit out at member states for proposing to cut growth and employment boosting policies during a debate on 11 September. Back in June member states called for the EU's budget to be a catalyst for growth and jobs, but only a few weeks later they put forward a budget proposal with significant cuts in research and development spending, which MEPs say are vital to kick-starting the economy.


Break the silence on CIA renditions, urge MEPs

Article - Human rights / External relations 11-09-2012 - 16:17
Camp VI houses the communal living of compliant detainees and Camp V more like a maximum security facility houses the non-compliant detainees and prisoners share the same entrance at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on May 18, 2011. ©BELGA_Greg Mathieson_Landov  

Lithuania, Poland and Romania should open or resume independent investigations into allegations that they colluded with the CIA to hold and interrogate terrorism suspects in secret prisons, according to MEPs. A non-binding resolution on this was adopted with an overwhelming majority on 11 September.


Putting the spotlight on European cinema

Article - Culture / Information society 11-09-2012 - 13:40
Jean-Marie Cavada  

Europe's cinema could reach a wider public by a more efficient distribution of films and other audiovisual materials online. That is the view of French Christian-Democrat Jean-Marie Cavada, whose report on this was adopted in plenary on Tuesday 11 September. We talked to him about how online distribution could make all the difference.


EP this week: State of the Union, budget and banking union

Article - Institutions 10-09-2012 - 12:13
EP building in Strasbourg  

Commission president José Manuel Barroso unveiling his priorities for the near future during his annual State of the Union address will be the highlight of the September plenary starting 10 September. MEPs will also debate member states' stance on the EU's budget for next year and warn them that their plan for a banking union could fall short of what is truly needed. Read on to find out more about this month's plenary and follow it live by clicking on the links on the right.

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